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Everything is a Blessing

Every word I type here is a blessing.

Every breath and blink I make is a blessing.

Every mouthful of food and water I consume is a blessing.

Every one around me talking, nagging, complaining, gossiping is a blessing.

Every sense of sight, sound, smell, touch is a blessing.

Every reason I’m alive is a blessing.

Yup, I’ve just escaped death again. A tyre puncture followed by a few seconds of hesitation plus a suspected slight bump from the car behind sent me sliding across PIE roads. Worst of all, I had Loti with me. However, him being very clear and protective, wrapped his arms around me and tanked most of the fall. The skin from his arm came off. Blood oozed, flesh revealed. My heart wrenched. The asshole behind pulled over and asked me about the compensation of his front bumper. How the hell could I hit him from the front? No time for that. Front car offered to send us to clinic. We hopped on. No police no ambulance were activated. Completely screwed up the procedures. Clinic took forever to open, and despite pleas for priority to the recep and other patients, we were still placed as #4. Humanity is so dead.

I let the asshole go. He initially insisted me to pay. LIKE HELLO. Who’s gonna pay for our skin and flesh? I could sue him real hard if I wanted, but didn’t. Ended up I had to pay for my own medical fees and bike repairs etc. But I keep telling myself it’s alright.

Being able to fall down and get up is a blessing.

Learning a painful lesson is a blessing.

Knowing Loti’s love for me is a big big blessing. It’s beyond what words can describe.

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100-Day Plan IV

From 06 Nov 2013 – 13 Feb 2014.

  1. Buy squash racket and play squash at least once per week. Yes, except when I’m injured.
  2. Mockup new responsive design for food blog. Launched!
  3. Horn at one idiotic driver. (Sadly, nope.)
  4. Book appointment for cervical cancer jab. Went for the first jab already.
  5. Make dental appointment.
  6. Complete another cycle of 30-day ab challenge.
  7. Get a new phone (in replacement of my lost one D:).
  8. Organise my internet bookmarks.

Though I failed to horn someone (‘cos I cut down riding) and didn’t complete my ab challenge, I still actively exercised and attended four gym trial lessons. I also tried flowriding, sold my guitar that’s overdue in plan III, sold my old DSLR, my wrongly ordered Herschel bag, and a whole ton of clothes. Shiok!

Checkered Me(h)

Lynn made these photos she took into a GIF for me :’) That’s me indeliberately looking like a set with my fully zhnged scooter.

Feeling so tired and lazy and busy to update anything recently. My life not very exciting when I’m grounded in Singapore. Nothing much to do except for eat work eat work and eat hahaha. OH, but I’ve also started taking some measures to counter this sedentariness. I’m now halfway through a 30-day abs challenge (I WANT PACKS!) and also learning to play squash. Actually did only two sessions la, but I kinda like it. Might consider buying my own racket if the interest doesn’t die.

A while ago I was still singing, “Wake me up when September ends~” NOW WHERE DAFUQ DID OCTOBER GO!?

Obviously Who

Both bought me earphones.
One was glittery purple.
The other is bright funky yellow.
Who obviously knows me better.

Both are into photography.
One competed with me and got jealous sometimes.
The other exchanges knowledge and works together with me.
Who obviously understands “two are better than one.”

Both are men.
One insisted that males will always be more superior.
One is not afraid to admit that he looks up to me.
Who obviously places me before ego.

Both claimed they love.
One was ashamed of my bad haircut.
The other adores my nose and buck teeth (ugliest facial features to me).
Who obviously is blind HAHAHAH.

After a failed relationship and before I met you, I’ve lost almost all faith in dicks and am really prepared to be #foreveralone. But you tore down my armour piece by piece and slowly thawed my heart. You do not sugarcoat your words, you do not impress me with fancy stuffs, and you irritate me all the time. You argue (logically) with me, because you want to solve problems. You say it’s okay to cry, because you’ll be there for the weakest side of me. You embrace the tomboyish me, because you saw me differently from all the other guys.

Happy 2nd anniversary Loti – my sidekick, my best friend, my husband-to-be. Obviously you complete me, but obviously you’ll get it if you ever let me down. ♥

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Life in Circles V

I’m No Longer the Sole Breadwinner! YAY!

After almost two years, Loti has finally graduated :D

Congrats to both him and me~ Now I can finally sit back relax enjoy my ROI and treat Loti like a cash cow. HAHAHAH I’m kidding, and I wish!

Loti has officially entered the workforce about three weeks now, and he’s slogging hard like a cow. I’m also busy with my own stuffs so I hardly see him on weekdays recently. Now then he starts to understand things that he didn’t when he was still a student. Makes my blood boil when I recall him complaining that I always don’t have time for him >:(

Read an interesting entry about us generation Y and our career expectations from yesterday.

My favourites were these:

Great careers take years of blood, sweat and tears to build – even the ones with no flowers or unicorns on them – and even the most successful people are rarely doing anything that great in their early or mid-20s.

Stop thinking that you’re special. The fact is, right now, you’re not special. You’re another completely inexperienced young person who doesn’t have all that much to offer yet. You can become special by working really hard for a long time.

So, to all the GYPSYs who read it (whether you just started working, already working, or waiting to graduate), AI PIA JIA EH YIA~

6th Day of Being a Commoner

Sent my bike for a new paint job last last Saturday and I’ve been relying on the public transport since.

Actually it isn’t THAT bad except for waiting time, the squeeze, and occasional rude or smelly people. At the same time, I’ve rediscovered time to nap on the way to work or do things like listening to music, surfing the net, and blogging on-the-go like right now.

But I still miss you mehmeh. Can’t wait to get on you when you turn yellow!

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