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Quick Start & End

I know I spelled ‘tmr’ wrongly lol. Too much abbreviations! Nevertheless, cheers to rest day tmr!

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Bits and Pieces of My Zhnged Fino

Half a year had past since the day I set out to give my scooter a facelift to my own design which I really liked. Took me a lot of time and effort to hunt high and low everywhere; not to mention that after my accident, I have to repeat some of the processes again.

I’m gonna share where I did the modifications to my original (metallic dull purple) Yamaha Fino.

Custom brown faux leather IU cover done at Eugene Saddlery for S$15.

New chrome mirrors and original handlebar grips bought in Bangkok.

Headlight cap bought in Bangkok.

Sports rim also bought in Bangkok at 1350 baht (only) for a pair! Hahaha basically I lugged quite a few brand new accessories back which amounted to less than S$100. I then got them replaced at my regular workshop in Singapore for S$50, which was damn worth it.

Brown seat from Wing Yap Motor. Though they’re known for their overpriced stuffs, this was quite ok – S$90 for a brand new seat compared to S$70 if I send my old one for re-wrapping.

Embossed number plate from Eugene Saddlery at S$25. Did a S$10 one at 219 Motorshop before that but the font too fat so I didn’t like it. The checkered mudflap was bought online at Beedspeed for about S$30+ after shipping. Can’t find it anywhere in Singapore and I just had to get it for the checkered look that I wanted.

The most major part of the zhnging was of course the paintjob, which costed S$720 at Yeow Motor; I know they’re expensive but I’ll pay for their quality and service. The decals were done at 219 Motorshop, and their prices anyhow one. On consultation they quoted S$90, and the after the actual job they said S$180. I jumped and managed to get it at S$90 in the end.

I’m very proud of my meh2 and it pains my heart to decide to let it go. I’ve posted my WTS ad all around, so if you know of anyone there who appreciates her and wants to take over, let me know. Thanks! It’s sold now, but stays in my heart :'(

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Why I Don’t Want Kids

1. Expensive.

The extreme high cost of living in Singapore is such a turn off. Unless me and my partner’s incomes increase by a fold, having kids will be a struggle. It’s not even about the ridiculous prices in the beginning ($600 per month child care, $80 milk powder, $XXXX toys and god-knows-what); the costs will continue to grow for at least two more decades, especially when wage stagnation, unemployment, over population, and competition will all be more apparent in the future. If they grow up useless, I don’t want to continue providing them for the rest of my life.

2. Screwed up society.

This is becoming very real. Look at the kids these days. Secondary school kids dressing up and behaving like adults; college students starting families due to unplanned pregnancies; underage smoking and drinking etc. Yes, it depends on the upbringing, but we still can’t control what they pick up from their friends and everything on the internet.

3. So stress.

I don’t want my children to go through what I’m going through multiply by ten. The stress and pressure (especially in Singapore) will only get worse. And we are not just fighting against our own people, we have to fight against more and more imported people. Doesn’t help that our government are more protective over them than us citizens, though they are trying to look like they’re not.

4. F A T.

My waistline armline legline neckline are all gonna expand like balloons, and I’m afraid that I won’t have enough time or self-determination to shave those extra KGs off. Even if I do, I don’t think anything can save me from those nasty stretch marks.

5. Bye bye freedom.

Freedom to travel. This alone, is enough to rob my soul away.

6. Karma.

I’ve gossiped and laughed too much. I’m really afraid that all the bad things that I’ve said about others will all happen to my kids.

7. I might forget about my kid.

Leaving my kid on a table / in a cab and walking away after that sounds like something I’ll be guilty of. I’m so absent minded I can’t take care of myself and my belongings, how can I look after another human being?

8. Who’s gonna take care?

Nows a days, both parents have to work in order to support a family (unless you marry someone rich). Working parents will leave their children either in the hands of their own parents or a childcare. The former will spoil your kid, and the latter will run into attention and hygiene problems which will make doctor trips a routine.

9. Hassle much.

Every time you go out – milk bottle, milk powder / breast pump, stroller, toys / iPad, dunno-simi-wako that will take up one big bag. Good if you can afford a car; good luck if you’re on public transport. When they start wailing or throw tantrums, everyone is gonna throw dagger stares at you.

10. Harder if things don’t work out.

Adultery, dying love, simply cannot live together; there are many reasons that call for THE extreme solution – a divorce. However, having kids makes separation even more difficult and painful.

11. Above all, I’m selfish.

Yup I am, and having children are not for selfish people. You must be selfless. You must give and provide without expecting anything in return. You must sacrifice without complaining. If you procreate because you want your next generation to take care of you, then don’t bother, ‘cos the mentality is wrong to begin with.

Can’t believe that I used to wanna get married and 24 and have kids at 25. Now that I’m 25+, things that happened along the way totally changed my mindset. Though I’m pretty firm right now, things will change again later so it’s good to jot down my current “I don’t want kids” mindset. Ten or twenty years later, I’ll look back at this entry with either with agreement, regret, or with my own kiddos sitting on my lap.

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All Within An Hour+

Inspired by ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ tempted by a friend, and overruled by greed; I traded my first penny stocks today.

Bought at 0.04 and sold at 0.041, I thought I made a quick turnover of $300 less some handling fees (can’t be that much right?), say $200 within an hour+. For those who know can go calculate how much I pumped in. I went out for lunch happy. So naive. However, when close to end day, I saw the status of ‘BUY’ was ‘F’ (‘Filled’ which means confirmed) while the status of ‘SELL’ was ‘E’ (which is ‘Expired’). WTF? I panicked and called in, and they told me it happens. Something something over limit then cannot enter or some shit. I must have sounded like noob when I enquired, and well, I AM.

Blame it on my stupidity.
Blame it on my rashness.
Blame it on my lack of research.

Every cent and dollar was earned painstakingly and saved prudently over the years. It was never given (okay except for ang baos?). And it’s not like I’ve never been warned. SIGH. JUST. PLAIN. RETARDED. Tomorrow will determine the life and death as it is the deadline for the company to meet the requirements to be removed from the Watch-List. I don’t even know what the hell that meant and I just plunged it blindly. Also, I found out that even at the price I thought I sold wasn’t enough to cover the handling fees. I need another 0.001 boost to earn a profit.

Ranted on the phone to Loti on the long bus ride home and came home to a dark empty house. My heart sank further. Guessed that family had left for movie watching which they didn’t invite ‘cos I showed slight disinterest yesterday (but I could really use that today). Five minutes later, dad returned and handed me something, “Mummy bought you a cup. She say you like one.” Surprised, I ripped it apart.

It was a random cup that I casually mentioned was cute while passing by a shop yesterday. But I had no thoughts of buying it and didn’t expect mum to buy either ‘cos confirm bo hua. Haha but thanks to her, my mood literally got lifted up. It was then that I realised that whatever on paper is not important; it’s all these little acts of love by your loved ones that really matters.

In life, you win some and lose some. I can only hope for the best tmr and if anything, this will well serve as a fucking huge lesson.



I got my numbers wrong again. The fees really aren’t THAT much and I’d have earned a profit if sold at my initial price hahaha. Anyways, it’s over now and I made about $300+, slightly more than intended. But for the kind of risk, headache, insomnia, stress, heart attack, disorientation, I think it’s not worth it. Until I have better knowledge and too much free time (to monitor), I hope I’ll be staying clear.

100-Day Plan V

My previous plan felt more than accomplished. So here’s my first fresh 100-day plan in 2014.

From 14 Feb 2014 – 24 May 2014.

  1. Go for my first health screening. Other than super high bad cholesterol levels and lots of white blood cells in my urine (which I can’t figure out why), all is good. Phew.
  2. Change all my signatures in official accounts (banks, insurance, etc). Done!
  3. Start some shared funds with Loti to save for our wedding / future house. Not shared funds, but we came out with a savings plan.
  4. Photoshoot with my bike. Shot, and sold.
  5. Switch my entire camera system from Canon to Nikon. Join the dark side muahahaha. Switched with no regrets.
  6. Do 7-minute exercise at least three mornings per week. It’s one of the ways to kick-start a productive day. (Succeeded about 70% of the time.)
  7. Try a new activity or sport. Played penny stocks, skated on a penny board. I think there were a couple of others which I can’t recall.
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First Flea for Flea Sake

Jio-ed by Ash, cousin Peimin and I shared a crate stall at Lucky Plaza last Sunday to sell our pre-owned clothes. It was my first flea ever and it was chaotic man. The crowd is Filipino maids (‘cos Sundays are their offs) and they come in HORDES. I’m not kidding you. They’ll rage through the clothes trying to find their own piece of treasure, and honestly it’s damn encouraging compared to the usual quiet fleas at places like Scape. But the dust, the malfunctioned air-con, the standing, the shouting of prices, the lookout for thieves, made up all the sucky but fun factors unique to such an experience. Our clothes started off with 3 for $10, then 4 for $10, 1 for $2, and finally everything $1! </3

Rental was $100 per stall, and after paying it off, I think I earned either $80 or $180. (I chose to believe the latter.) Peimin did better than me but her heart more pain ‘cos her clothes all so expensive when bought. However, we were still happy to clear our wardrobe in exchange for some usable cash. Instant gratification! :D

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13 Things I’ve Learnt in 2013

1. Say no.

It took me a long time to learn how to say no, but the thing, is you can’t please everyone, forever. Pick up some balls, reject once, and the rest will follow. Rule of thumb is: never say yes when you’re saying no to yourself. BUT if someone proposes with a diamond ring gold bar, just say yes first then sort him out later ;)

2. Speak up.

No one will know your existence if you keep quiet all day. Nobody will go up to a piece of furniture and offer it chocolate cakes or opportunities. Stop being that chair in the office and start rattling.

3. Stop making new year resolutions.

Make multiple 100-day plans instead. Remember, the goals have to be concise like, “eat six times a day,” rather than, “I want to look like a pig.”

4. Appreciate.

It is not in our Asian upbringing to constantly express love verbally, especially to our parents. However, do know that you’re truly blessed if people even bother nagging at you.

People say I love you all the time – when they say, “take an umbrella, it’s raining,” or “hurry back,” or even “watch out, you’ll break your neck.” There are hundreds of ways of wording it – you just have to listen for it, my dear.

– The Curious Savage (John Patrick)

5. Belittle yourself.

You’re not that great. Really. I once thought I could be superman and jump over a stretched rubber band placed at shoulder height (aka zero point) in office, and I ended up cracking my toes. The pain prolonged till now.

6. Never be a slave to anyone.

Not your bestest of friends. (To begin with, a friend should never make you feel that way.) Not even your own boss. Real people actually die from overworking these days. Not worth it.

7. Let go.

Letting go is like repeating point 1 for a thousand times till it has no effect on you. Pretty tough, but achievable. It is necessary in life because people change all the time, including myself.

8. Black and whites are not cool.

Rules and the whole junk of proving this and that is bullshit. I know while mandatory, too much of them gives no free play and sucks humanity TO DEATH.

9. Take chances.

You’ll never know what’s in-store for you next. If you want to do it, go. Spare some considerations for consequences though, then do it with all your heart. YOLO!

10. Don’t procrastinate.

Because I procrastinated to pump my bike tyres, I landed in an accident. Because I procrastinated to install iTunes on my new laptop, I lost my phone without the latest backup files. (Btw, it’s better to setup auto backup in iCloud.) STOP FUCKING PROCRASTINATING.

11. Enjoy boredom.
Motivation and passion cannot keep you going on forever, boredom will. This is similar to the 100-day plan thing (point 3). Using the same example, indulge in the process of binge eating everyday instead of focusing on looking like a pig. Trust me, you’ll get there.

12. Cold showers are good.

Better immunity, higher metabolism, more energy, lots of benefits blah. It think my morning sinus improved after cold showering for a few months.

13. Eat. A lot.

No better way to treat your body and soul. Well, at least for me!

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