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Month: May 2010 (page 1 of 3)

Gossip Girls II

House partyyyyyy 😀

Two bottles contributed by Xian, while the rest belongs to part of Jan’s collection. Not to mention all the drinking accessories she was equipped with, like shot glasses, ice box, coasters, cups, speed pourers, etc etc. Jan, 就是你了!

Camwhoring while waiting for Cass to arrive, which she finally did at 1.30am because she fell asleep -_-

Multishots always turn out spastic looking lol.


Very nice drink known as ‘Lemondrops’ prepared by Jan. We had many other drinks prepared by her too like ‘Tequila Shot’, ‘Tequila Pop’, ‘Bailey’s Shot’, etc etc. Awesome hostress she was!

The drinking session was also smokescreen to give Xian a surprise birthday celebration.

She totally didn’t suspect a single shit ‘cos it was extra belated hahaha.

A decent group photo of Jan, Xian, Char, Jan, Cass, and me!

BUT the thing is, with Cass me both of us around, how will the photos ever remain decent.

I cringed.

It was one whole night of games, girly talks, secret exchanges, gossips, laughters, everything. All of us were so engrossed that no one realised that we stayed up all the way till 8am the very next day. Ohgawd, this is life!

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Work from home = can wake up late = can stay up late = can go ladies’ night.

It was shiokanathan. Free entry free drinks; all I had to pay for was my cab fare home which was only $6 after sharing.

So shiok that we all went bonkers.

Posing “LOL”. Mad ugly.

Sweaty sticky squeezy but fun fun night with Meiting, Yuling and Debbie!

Gossip Girls I

I’m now at Jan’s house waiting for the rest to come and start our Gossip Girls II. Kudos to Jan for coming up with that innovative name – couldn’t have been more apt.

Photos taken on Monday night gossip session. A pity Yun left already.

Kinda like this pic though my face got chopped off. All looked happy.

LOL EPIC! Illusion or reality, you think?

Look at that face. I can never get over that trauma Cass had put me through. She’s now THIS close in putting her words into action.

The chor lor hum sup pair.

The sweet pair.

Can’t wait for the drinking session to start. Homely affair, I likey! Cass coming, I likey too ;p

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Makan + Shopping Date

Town affair with Yun on Sunday, which ended up looking more like an ice cream date.

But hello, it’s ice cream. How can you resist?

I’m in love with this stall at the basement of 313 @ Somerset. It’s called Maggie Moo’s and they have the wackiest flavours like bubblegum cottoncandy peanutbutter but they’re goddamn delicious I swear. My third time buying from them and I concluded that my favourites are ‘Very Yellow Marshmallow’ and ‘Red Velvet Cake’.

The colours are <3 Too bad the marshmallow flavour wasn’t ready 🙁

After our shopping rounds we decided to get drinks from 7-eleven.. then we spotted the last piece of Magnum Gold and we couldn’t resist. Damn weak.

Niceee but the sea salt and caramel flavour wasn’t strong enough.

Like ching chongs taking photos in the MRT LOL.

Papers and Doodles

Dinner + chillax with Sil last Sat evening after the boring CI Fair.

We played with this lettering thingy that Sil has – IDK what it’s called, but basically you scratch out alphabets onto a piece of paper to form words.

Manual typography 😀

That black blob was supposed to be a ‘♥’. Hahaha FAIL, but not I do one. *Points to Sil.

Switched to drawing later but after two CMI portraits and a few meaningless doodles, we decided to combine forces and take turns to draw and see what we come out with.

The final outcome was really really random but quite funny lah. Stupid Sil kept adding blank shapes for me to fill up and still dare to label me as that ugly rambutan / onion (????) head -_-

Awesome company nevertheless!

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The Big O

Lion totally abused the Big O restaurant vouchers which I bought some time back. Claimed two big bowls of salad for free, 1-for-1 set dinner which includes the main course, soup, and a drink, finished off with two additional mud pies for a top-up of 10 bucks. Food photos here.

He caught me candid, then he imitated my pose -_-

Mud pie overload.

While struggling to finish our last course, we did some bo liao drawings with the chocolate sauce.

People who know us as a couple long enough should know what the hell are these (even if our drawings FAIL).

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The Last of Duxton

I can’t believe the weekends are over just like that. However, good news is I get to work from home the whole of next week ‘cos my office is shifting!

Here are some photos of our old shabby office to share.

Our “bar area.”

War zone.



And one gross sink. It looks like one in a haunted house anytime.

Mad happy that we’re leaving this place for good, but I guess I’d still kinda miss it la. Nice food, near to town, etc etc.

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Added Splash of Colours

Was in the clean-up-my-room mood yesterday and I told myself to make a trip to IKEA soon to buy more picture frames so I could prolly display my personal works (which is currently ZERO at the moment lol).

BUT I headed down to the CI Fair 2010 last evening and this poster they gave came in just in time.

Voila! I hastily stuck it beside my postcard collage!

Hahaha call me a lazy bum and procrastinator. ‘Cos I know if I want to bring my initial thoughts to action, it’ll take me forever. Oh man, I think sometimes when you do too much work for clients and when you finally have the time to design something for yourself, you’d rather take the time to nuaaaaaaa~

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An Old Friend

Maybelle, last seen: 2006.

Only one grainy photo taken together ‘cos we were too busy catching up. Four years of life can you imagine. We rambled over dinner at Giraffe to coffee at Starbucks to the simply plain talking outside The Cathay till 1.30am.

Just how much we have changed but some things are still quite the same. Lovely company and we should do this again!

I Want to Sleep But..

3.30am now. I just finshed up some work, but I can’t jump into my bed instantly.

Lol this is what usually happens after a major shopping cum trying-out-my-new-clothes-at-home session. Not a very pretty sight I know.

Best steals are these pants from Uniqlo. Don’t think you all can see the price tag but the original price was $59.90, then it was discounted to $39.90, and now it is $19.90! I turned so exhilarated that I ended up buying 3 at one go! 2 three quarts and 1 cargo. Happy much 😀

Go geddit before the promo ends man. I’ve successfully brainwashed Yun (and her sis?) into buying when I bumped into them earlier on at ION after work muahahaha.

Ok gotta go clear up my messy bed NAO 🙁

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