3.30am now. I just finshed up some work, but I can’t jump into my bed instantly.

Lol this is what usually happens after a major shopping cum trying-out-my-new-clothes-at-home session. Not a very pretty sight I know.

Best steals are these pants from Uniqlo. Don’t think you all can see the price tag but the original price was $59.90, then it was discounted to $39.90, and now it is $19.90! I turned so exhilarated that I ended up buying 3 at one go! 2 three quarts and 1 cargo. Happy much 😀

Go geddit before the promo ends man. I’ve successfully brainwashed Yun (and her sis?) into buying when I bumped into them earlier on at ION after work muahahaha.

Ok gotta go clear up my messy bed NAO 🙁