Last Saturday.

This is Peimin and I at 10.30pm.

Basically her friends were all late (except for one), so..

12.15am, yawn. First group arrived.
12.30am, second group arrived.
12.45am, entered Powerhouse with first group.
12.50am, exited to reunite with second group (whom were still stranded outside).


We then got stuck in the re-entry queue forever in the sticky humid atmosphere. WTF I wanted to kill everyone.

When Peimin and I FINALLY got in >1 hour later, I couldn’t contain my huge sense of relief so I quickly down some drinks and went bonkers instantly lol.

Peimin also had a third group there – her cousin Kimi’s birthday.

You see, the whole world is really at Powerhouse. No wonder so blardee packed!

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