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Papers and Doodles

Dinner + chillax with Sil last Sat evening after the boring CI Fair.

We played with this lettering thingy that Sil has – IDK what it’s called, but basically you scratch out alphabets onto a piece of paper to form words.

Manual typography 😀

That black blob was supposed to be a ‘♥’. Hahaha FAIL, but not I do one. *Points to Sil.

Switched to drawing later but after two CMI portraits and a few meaningless doodles, we decided to combine forces and take turns to draw and see what we come out with.

The final outcome was really really random but quite funny lah. Stupid Sil kept adding blank shapes for me to fill up and still dare to label me as that ugly rambutan / onion (????) head -_-

Awesome company nevertheless!

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