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Month: June 2010 (page 1 of 2)

What a Flea!

Saturday was all about climbing that flight of uber long stairs up Mount Sophia; complaining about the stairs; shoving and being shoved around in the human mass; becoming sweaty and sticky; getting thirsty; trying to rip people off; buying dirt cheap stuffs; talking cock; checking out chicks; packing up; walking down that damn flight of stairs again; dinner, chilling, movie.

Look at that crowd! Why did I even volunteered my help? But I’m a nice friend, I know I know.

But I think that the greatest volunteery help of all was Jan la. Sil and I only know how to rave about Cass’ hat and camwhore LOL.

It’s 2.30am now and Monday is tmr! 🙁 I have a tendency of turning in later on Sundays because I’m in a state of denial that the weekends are not over yet. Hello panda eyes OK BYE!

Ah Neh Food!

Vali vali nice please! Been wanting to try Urban Spice since forever, and I pounced on the chance when deciding on a dinner place with Lynn. It’s her awesome recommendation btw, and and, it’s actually quite near my office / home, so I’m definitely coming back for more!

I love dining with girls who are true blue food lovers!

Butterrrrr chicken!

I Fly You Aeroplane

I was supposed to be out with someone today. Prolly at some nice place sipping tea, chit chatting our hearts away, but I didn’t make it happen.

Partly because I woke up real late; partly because I was feeling lazy; partly because I was half-hearted; partly also because I felt that the other party was kind of half-hearted too. Sometimes I wonder about friendships, a lot. Especially about new friendships. What is the point of keeping in contact? Why should I bother?

The problem with me is that I always plunge too deep into friendships and I hate it. When I’m excited about a meet-up, I expect the other party to be too. When I do something nice, I expect the other party to be at least appreciative. When I give my heart and soul, I expect something in return.

FYI I’m not speaking of anyone in specific here. I’m just having a one-of-those-reflecting-about-life days. Sigh wtv. Sometimes I really feel like backing myself away from everyone else except for those whom I know I can truly rely on. I’m tired.

I hate it when people pungsei me, so maybe I’d make it up by arranging another appointment. Maybe IDK.

Father’s Day

Marina at Keppel Bay! Love this place ‘cos it doesn’t feel like Singapore! And it’s actually kinda sad in a way every time I hear such a statement, if you get what I mean.

All the private yachts. *Swoons.

One restaurant I’ll never get sick of.



I have a weakness.. for anything with a touch of gold.

My buy last month. Negative $300.

<333 Oh oh, I love the shoes too.

My buy this month. Negative another $370.

Now you know the real reason behind me being broke. I don’t really shop a lot (I think), but when I do, it’s hugeass amounts for items like these. But but, I’m only willing to splurge on things that I know can last me a long time. Like I wouldn’t pay $70 for a top, it’s stupid.

Poser wannabe.

Lunch at Bakerzin.


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This is what you do while reformatting your com.
I’m now on Windows 7.
Yay it rox socks.
But there’s a whole lot of frigging stuffs to reinstall.
Hate this.
And I hope I didn’t scare you 🙂

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Random Updates

  1. July seems like a really exciting month. Lasik surgery, Jay Chou’s concert, darl’s birthday, err, that’s all? But they’re enough to keep me anticipating for the next month!
  2. Gonna collect my sunglasses tmr. Gonna eat that cheese baked potato thing from ‘Xiao Ba Wang’ tmr, for real.
  3. I’m broke, really.
  4. Spent a Saturday staying home ‘cos I’m broke.
  5. But I just sold my 50mm lens yay.
  6. I want a new camera and I’m seriously considering giving up all my DSLR stuffs and settle for a pen camera, should I?
  7. I realised I have soft spots for only two people in my life so far. I always thought I had more.
  8. Karate Kid was great. She’s Out of My League looks amusing and I want to watch it with the girls.
  9. I want to change my blog design but I’m so lazy. I shall wait for WordPress 3.0, maybe.
  10. I want to reformat my com.
  11. I want to try if Adobe CS5 works on my com after I reformat. My bro keeps raving about how awesome PhotoShop is.
  12. Father’s Day is tmr! Bringing dad to Keppel Bay for dinner. Love that place.
  13. I miss the Thai food at Kovan 🙁
  14. Lion is abandoning me for Hong Kong next week. Just passed him HK$300 and I hope he comes back with nice stuffs for me.
  15. 4 more KGs to go and I’ll stop complaining about being fat?
  16. I want to be supa skinny. Like just skin and bones.
  17. My complexion is real bad. Fcuk dark eye rings too. How am I supposed to hide them without glasses and makeup next time?
  18. I wanna an iPhone! But I dunno if I should top up $100 in October to get it or wait another 6 moths later which is April 2011 ZOMG.

ANYWAY, saw an interesting quote from Cass’ friend via Cass’ blog.

God Gave Me…

5 Fingers For a Reason. My pinky is for my best friends and our promises that will never be broken, my ring finger is for him and for proof that we’ll be together forever, my middle finger is for that girl that pushes me too far and to show her how I feel, my pointer finger is to silence them, to savour the moment, my thumb is for everyone, to let them know that I’m gonna be okay, no matter what.

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Good Food Good Company

And that’s what makes me happy.

This is the perfect bowl of Ramen at Ichibantei @ Robertson Quay. It was so so sooooo good and I can salivate instantly by the mere thought of it. Thanks Cass! I won’t trust your movie recommendations anymore, but I’ll always trust your food recommndations! LOL.

Friday night ended perfectly when we satisfied our sweet tooth to Laurent’s Chocolate Bar after dinner. Another shiok place. Now I can’t decide if this or Max Brenner is better.

On a side note, my office has officially relocated to the Ubi area, and it IS a lil’ out of the way.

15 minute walk to office everyday. Cutting through this big piece of abandoned field is a shortcut but I gave up after two attempts.

The day when Orchard had a swimming pool, we had a mini waterfall. Totally FML at that very moment when I had my feet soaking in muddy rainwater above ankle length throughout.

Yesterday it rained heavily on the way to work again but good news is I managed to discover a route where the bus stops directly outside my office building, so yay.

Inaccessibility issues aside, I’m pretty much in love with the new office. The space, the colours, the cleanliness, the AIR-CON, the toilet, everything. It’s a major facelift from our previous one and I hope it continues to stay this way (especially the cleanliness part).

A sneak at our meeting room. More pictures when the office gets more even awesome!

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Just came across a blog entry and I saw that THING at it again. I almost rolled my eyes to the back.

You know the kind of people copycats monkeys _______ who follow your footsteps. Once or twice may be coincidental, but too many a times, you’ll just know it. The most annoying part is that after doing the things you do, they write shit about them. Like errr, okay wtv.. you just made yourself look like a clown.

I recall similar buys, actions, places, blog entries, etc. Blog entries! Yah! Precise down to the titles, captions, and paragraphs with bad efforts of tweaking the paraphrasing and grammar. Like how do you even copy a person’s thoughts? You and I think alike? Oh please.

I know that thing is somehow still reading this space. And if that thing is feeling something then it’s probably guilty of the deed 🙂

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Food Porn

It’s like a mass orgy lor.. Sounds damn crude but just look at all that food.


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