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Vian’s 21st

Last update before I go to sleep / resume work. Why I got so many photos to edit one?

Sweet 🙂

Thanks Lion for agreeing to be the photographer. *Pats your back!

Right after the party ended, a handful of us went off to St. James for yet another party! Vian’s virgin clubbing experience muahahaha.

Eight girls altogether!

Showed no mercy to a first-timer. Everyone gave the birthday girl a ‘Flaming Lambo’ treat.


I jumped at the chance and tried my first ‘Waterfall’ too. The whole glass tower (or wtv) lit up on fire and was mad chio but the photo never show.

Wah I tell you, it was sure potent. Next time no need open bottle already la ‘cos I also don’t drink much. Just one ‘Waterfall’ can keep me high all night.

I look gone and I think I was little la, ‘cos there were three photos (in Facebook) after these toilet shots which I totally couldn’t remember. My first time feeling this way and I’ve always been wanting to feel like this so I guess it’s a wish fulfilled? Yay? Waterfall FTW hahaha.

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