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Boiling Point

Alright. I was apologetic for the bad attitude I gave when you asked me for a favour. My temper flared, for whatever reasons, but didn’t I still went ahead to do it, and didn’t I already apologize and go talk to you in a nice tone after that? I can totally take it if you don’t so-called “forgive” me immediately, but why those words?

“Why not I give you $300 a month and you be my mother?”

Firstly, to be precise, it’s $350. Secondly, I pay for my own bills, insurance, meals, transport, and I’ve never took a single cent from you since I started working (unless times when you insist, like loose change etc). Thirdly, be glad that I even give you money and to be honest, it isn’t a small amount from what I’m earning. FYI, it was 100% out of my own willingness and I wished I could give you more. Oh, and what happened to those treats and extra money I gave you once in a while?

That’s it. I’m officially pissed. Intentional or not, those words sting. Sting like a bitch.

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