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Just came across a blog entry and I saw that THING at it again. I almost rolled my eyes to the back.

You know the kind of people copycats monkeys _______ who follow your footsteps. Once or twice may be coincidental, but too many a times, you’ll just know it. The most annoying part is that after doing the things you do, they write shit about them. Like errr, okay wtv.. you just made yourself look like a clown.

I recall similar buys, actions, places, blog entries, etc. Blog entries! Yah! Precise down to the titles, captions, and paragraphs with bad efforts of tweaking the paraphrasing and grammar. Like how do you even copy a person’s thoughts? You and I think alike? Oh please.

I know that thing is somehow still reading this space. And if that thing is feeling something then it’s probably guilty of the deed 🙂

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