1. July seems like a really exciting month. Lasik surgery, Jay Chou’s concert, darl’s birthday, err, that’s all? But they’re enough to keep me anticipating for the next month!
  2. Gonna collect my sunglasses tmr. Gonna eat that cheese baked potato thing from ‘Xiao Ba Wang’ tmr, for real.
  3. I’m broke, really.
  4. Spent a Saturday staying home ‘cos I’m broke.
  5. But I just sold my 50mm lens yay.
  6. I want a new camera and I’m seriously considering giving up all my DSLR stuffs and settle for a pen camera, should I?
  7. I realised I have soft spots for only two people in my life so far. I always thought I had more.
  8. Karate Kid was great. She’s Out of My League looks amusing and I want to watch it with the girls.
  9. I want to change my blog design but I’m so lazy. I shall wait for WordPress 3.0, maybe.
  10. I want to reformat my com.
  11. I want to try if Adobe CS5 works on my com after I reformat. My bro keeps raving about how awesome PhotoShop is.
  12. Father’s Day is tmr! Bringing dad to Keppel Bay for dinner. Love that place.
  13. I miss the Thai food at Kovan 🙁
  14. Lion is abandoning me for Hong Kong next week. Just passed him HK$300 and I hope he comes back with nice stuffs for me.
  15. 4 more KGs to go and I’ll stop complaining about being fat?
  16. I want to be supa skinny. Like just skin and bones.
  17. My complexion is real bad. Fcuk dark eye rings too. How am I supposed to hide them without glasses and makeup next time?
  18. I wanna an iPhone! But I dunno if I should top up $100 in October to get it or wait another 6 moths later which is April 2011 ZOMG.

ANYWAY, saw an interesting quote from Cass’ friend via Cass’ blog.

God Gave Me…

5 Fingers For a Reason. My pinky is for my best friends and our promises that will never be broken, my ring finger is for him and for proof that we’ll be together forever, my middle finger is for that girl that pushes me too far and to show her how I feel, my pointer finger is to silence them, to savour the moment, my thumb is for everyone, to let them know that I’m gonna be okay, no matter what.

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