Saturday was all about climbing that flight of uber long stairs up Mount Sophia; complaining about the stairs; shoving and being shoved around in the human mass; becoming sweaty and sticky; getting thirsty; trying to rip people off; buying dirt cheap stuffs; talking cock; checking out chicks; packing up; walking down that damn flight of stairs again; dinner, chilling, movie.

Look at that crowd! Why did I even volunteered my help? But I’m a nice friend, I know I know.

But I think that the greatest volunteery help of all was Jan la. Sil and I only know how to rave about Cass’ hat and camwhore LOL.

It’s 2.30am now and Monday is tmr! 🙁 I have a tendency of turning in later on Sundays because I’m in a state of denial that the weekends are not over yet. Hello panda eyes OK BYE!