I spent 15 minutes removing all the corn seeds when my mates were already halfway into their meal =.=

Met Lynn for dinner just now, and she was promoting her friend’s (very shiok) life – her “not very big” swimming pool, her home entertainment cum KTV system, her maid, etc. The maid! Haha you know sometimes when you’re in a IDK-what-to-wear mode, you’ll put on take out put on take out all your clothes and when you’re finally decided, you also have a huge mess all over your bed. But Lynn’s friend here, happily struts off and when she returns home, the mountain of clothes magically disappears! Haha, and her friend also mentioned about food prepared magically at her call and so on la. Awesome maid there.

My life is not half as shiok but come to think of it, we all have magics happening in our lives too, just that we take them for granted all the time. Things LIKE, how soiled clothings in the laundry basket magically becomes clean; how dirty plates in the sink magically end up on the dish rack; how there’s a magical cup of Milo waiting for me every morning. Yes I’m talking about mundane lil’ stuffs like these. Man, what would I do without my mum?

Anw took some retarded photos today. Upload soon, night!

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