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I Never Knew My Toes were Gorgeous

Haw haw! Not that they literally are, but they just were when I could see them clearly the moment I wake up. IT’S MAGIC.

Had my cornea operated on Monday and it was a huge success though I could barely open my eyes on the first day. Everything was good and getting better from day two onwards.

LOL this is what I have to wear to sleep every night in case I accidentally rub my eyes. And I have to keep dripping urine and milk looking eye drops on a hourly basis if not my eyeballs will wither and die.

Anyway, everyone was so nice. The text messages, company, home visits, even twitter replies. AWWWW, appreciated them really!

Jan and I before the surgery. Totally needed the cam whoring to digress.

BAH. I was still mad tense during the surgery. But the doctor’s reassurance was surely necessary and everything was over in a blink of eye. Lots of blinks, rather.

And for those who have been asking and/or about to ask, I did my lasik at Shinagawa @ Wheelock Place and it cost me a total of <$3.2K. Totally worth every cent I would say. Investment on yourself can't be scrimped. And for those who are interested to know how it's done, I'll tell you in person. But if you're not my friend, then watch this video.

Oh, the way to cheer a half-blind gluttony patient up is to buy him/her delicious Hilton cheesecakes! Baby you sure know the way to my stomach MUAHAHA.

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