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The Boy in Me

New haircut muahaha!

I’m actually happy with the boyish look. You know since young, I’ve always wished that I was born a boy. I wanted to be a boy so badly that I tucked all my hair in a cap; I only wore T-shirt and pants; I even dreamt of myself peeing with a ‘kukubird’ and told my mum that I want to be ‘黄飞鸿’ when I grow up.

The desire of becoming a boy slowly died off when I started trying on skirts during secondary school. I thought by now, this desire would have died off completely, but no. It is innate.

I still want to be the ‘man’ among my girlfriends – help them carry bags hold the door and stuffs. Lol. But luckily, when I’m with my boyfie, I’ll leave the ‘man’ part to him. So I think I’m still pretty normal eh?

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