EPIC PHAIL. *Stabs heart.

And I know I’m a bit slow, but I just scanned through a few short clips of Jay Chou’s self-directed 偶像剧.

I heard it was a flop. I can see why. The title already fail. 熊貓人 (Pandamen) -_- It’s about some superheroes clad in panda suits. Jay Chou is the lead cop, but not the lead character. Hahaha no wonder fail. ‘Cos people like me want to see him leh, not some lame pandas.

McDonald’s spicy nuggets are quite nice. I like. But my flu and sore throat now is killing me. I can sense a slight fever coming soon. *Drowns self in cooling water D:

Want to sleep but I feel like chionging my portfolio. I’m only done with two pages in PSDs. Slow like tortoise. And I swear I’m my worst client, EVER. “Can you shift this 10 pixels up?” “Let’s try this in pink.” “Ermmm… I don’t really know what I want.” “Can you make this pop up? It seems a lil’ too flat.”