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Practise Safe Sex Man

What I meant was, making sure that your home is a safe place for your little ones to roam around.

My colleague told us about him witnessing this conversation on the MRT some other day.

Son: Mummy, I want to pee.

Mum: You gotta hold it there boy. There is no toilet here. We’ll go to one when we get off the train ok?

Son: Then mum, can I pee into your mouth?

Mum (shocked): HUH?? Why you want to pee into my mouth?!??!!!

Son: I saw Daddy peeing in your mouth last night.

The whole cabin went silent and stared at the lady.

OMGWTF AWKWARD MAX. Trust me, kids DO remember what they see. They might not know what is it at that moment, but the image will stay in the mind until they grow up and it’s quite traumatising I think. I’ll never wanna see my own parents banging each other. I know it sounds very crude but really what.

So please, keep that bedroom scene away from your kids! If not they see already anyhow spew nonsense in public you don’t know where to hide your face lor!

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