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Month: November 2010 (page 1 of 2)

Vandalism Party

Friday was our last day at our old office and we had such a havoc time spray painting every possible wall / glass pane like some young punks.

Our main reception area.

There are some really nice graffiti works.

THIS IS SO CHIO, and it won the competition. Yes it was supposed to be a graffiti competition, but I guess everyone had so much angst choked up inside they just went around spraying in a crazy frenzy.

Too much hatred towards the client LOLOL.

I had my share too. Wet bunny. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing I just wanna be part of the vandalism. My first time using a spray can anyway.

Wet terappin.

Hahah reaal bloody.

I guess this only happens in advertising agencies hur? The paint smell so bad that I had to take unfinished work home. Lol imagine they tell us that the new office would not be ready by tmr……….

The Last of this Hair

Confidence level is now low ttm because I think I look 不男不女. When I walk with a girl, people think that we’re lesbians. When I hold hands with Lion, worse. People think that either we’re abnormal gays, or he something wrong, especially when I don’t bother dressing up.

SEE WHAT I MEANNNN. (And Lion looks as though he has boobs in this photo which drives even more confusion lol.)

HAIIII damn saddening lei. I swear this would be the last time I’m cutting my hair this short. But at the same time, this is also my last chance to have crazy fun with my hair. Sooo….

Here are some narcissistic moments. You are warned muahahahaa.


FAIL cat.

On a very random note, I just spent a bomb on Kiehl’s products ‘cos I heard it’s really really good. Please be gone hateful blemishes and dark eye rings! Plaza sing outlet is having a 50% discount on 2nd purchase and tmr is last day of the promo. HURRY!

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A Date to Porn’s

Dinner with the AIG girls at Pornsak’s Thai restaurant.

LOL. The word ‘porn’ actually means blessings and good wishes in Thai. Now the guys can openly say they wanna exchange porn 😉

And this is the father of all Porn. Errrr.. I mean he is Pornsak’s father, and his eldest son is freaking 60 something years old :O Anw he very cute luhh!

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A Sunday Like This

Usually when it comes to Sundays, I’ll feel kinda emo because it means that the weekends are over. I’ll take the time to laze around at home, perhaps sleep a bit more, and then the day would be gone in a flash. Then I’ll feel even more emo because I didn’t make full use of my Sunday D:

This was dated two weeks ago when Sil and I decided to meet and she managed to hog the car! Total yayness ‘cos we get to explore places that public transport couldn’t really take us.

First up, Riders breakfast at Saddle Club!

Dead horses walking slow hahaha.

Love this place.

Don’t know what the hell I was doing.


Next up, West Coast Park initially. But we took the wrong turn so we headed to HortPark instead. Not a bad choice ‘cos it’s a good place to cam whore.

Check out Sil’s 眼神. Like super adore me LOLOL!

Everyone at HortPark kept taking photos of the flowers so we must take to prove that we were there too.

Exiting HortPark, Sil’s iPhone went dead and we couldn’t Google Map anymore. Had to go somewhere familiar – East Coast Park.

Discovered a new bike rental shop with cheaper rates, lighter bikes, slightly nearer distance to our destination, but some rude ah tiong attendants.

On the most boring 8km stretch.

Got the ‘in the woods’ hweeling.

And so I was saying that the two of us FINALLY made it to Changi Village without any getting lost or any meeting mishaps, then a downpour came right after our plate of Nasi Lemak. Sian ji bua.

Clad in the most kuku looking and almost useless ponchos, we cycled about 15km back in the rain. An experience, really!

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Sorry Ah!

Too busy with my new job no time to update KTHXBYE.

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Anti-Smoking Photo

This is what happens after too much ciggies.

Hahaha no lah! This is what happens after eating squid ink pasta. And a pizza, and a crayfish pasta, and a crabmeat pasta. Oh, and a plate of calamari, all from Amici. Not finished yet. Two more desserts from 2am:dessertbar afterwards. That was the day where Lion and I ate an equivalent meal meant for a family of four for dinner, and the amazing thing was, we managed to wipe our plates clean. MADNESS~ I’m gaining weight again and I’m gonna blame it all on Lion I don’t care I don’t care! LOL.

Anw somehow IDK if it’s 心理作用, but my eyes can’t seem to focus properly these few days. Like cock eye liddat. I scared my astig come back leh how how HOW. Needa book an appointment with my lasik doctor soon. I dowan to be bespectacled again nooooooo D:

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3.20am now. I need to wake up early but I still cannot help launching the new design of Lazy Foodies. That’s the problem with me. If I got something that I want to do so badly, I will just chiong all the way.

Something minimalistic. More tweakings need to be made but I really need to turn in already. My eyes are wilting with staring at too much codes. Night!

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I’m very angry because it’s 10.45pm and I’m still in the office waiting for the copy to come in and a lot of people are staying back just because of this client and it’s always this same client whom make people burn midnight oils and redo changes over and over and over again. Got money big shit ah. I say, fcuking ditch him! LOL. I’m cranky lahhhh.

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Chicken Chop Auntie

That was the exact description that Lion gave me when he first saw my new hair.

He said that I remind him of the ‘Wow Wow West’ auntie at Bukit Merah market. Can anyone whom has bought chicken chops from that famous western stall before make me sadder by reaffirming his description?

🙁 I just think I look very ah beng because the colour is pretty light in real life. I just pray for my hair to grow longer for now omg.

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Falling in Love with You, AGAIN

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