This is what happens after too much ciggies.

Hahaha no lah! This is what happens after eating squid ink pasta. And a pizza, and a crayfish pasta, and a crabmeat pasta. Oh, and a plate of calamari, all from Amici. Not finished yet. Two more desserts from 2am:dessertbar afterwards. That was the day where Lion and I ate an equivalent meal meant for a family of four for dinner, and the amazing thing was, we managed to wipe our plates clean. MADNESS~ I’m gaining weight again and I’m gonna blame it all on Lion I don’t care I don’t care! LOL.

Anw somehow IDK if it’s 心理作用, but my eyes can’t seem to focus properly these few days. Like cock eye liddat. I scared my astig come back leh how how HOW. Needa book an appointment with my lasik doctor soon. I dowan to be bespectacled again nooooooo D:

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