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Month: January 2011 (page 1 of 2)

Covering 30% of NEL by Foot

One random day Sil suggested that we should try walking from Harbourfront to Serangoon according to the NEL route, and I immediately onz her. LOL crazy one. And we got so excited naming what we could do / eat at each station.

In the end, when that plan finally happened, we only managed to do half the journey, because we dedicated a large part of our energy jumping and jumping for our Green Hornet side-kick contest video.

Day started with a hearty Toast Box breakfast at Vivo City!

Must fill our stomachs then got energy what.

Then with Dr. Google Maps, we started venturing out, and I spotted this!

I got so excited ‘cos I thought it was a train station and I nudged Silvia, “Eh? Harbourfront got train station one meh?” She replied, “Yah.” So I surged forward to take a picture, and then I realised it’s actually St. James Power Station -_- I never knew how it looks like in the day whatttt. LOL nvm, also station.

Moving on, we saw a real train station!

This time got train, confirm real.

Some shophouses at Outram Park.

OMG vespa!!


KOI 😀 I usually drink their green milk tea, but that day too tired already. Need something refreshing like passion green tea aloe to perk me up.

On the way to Clarke Quay. Stole a short break at The Central, and resumed our journey to Douby Ghaut.

Random sculpture at LASALLE.

Last stop – Little India. Went for eyebrow threading and we couldn’t take it already. Took the train to Hougang and walked (still walk!) to Bliss Cafe @ Punggol Park.

WHOA. We immediately flopped on to the chairs and didn’t want to move. Mad shaggening I T E L L Y O U.

Two very very stoned photos of us just before my camera batt died. Didn’t even bothered posing, and I don’t even care if it’s ugly. Just wanna document down the very cui state of us there and then. Haa. Quite a fun day though! Next time shall try conquering some other places minus the video taking portion!

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Coincedently, I Stay on the 5th Storey

I just hope I won’t coincedently end up as the 5th position in the contest on Monday. CHOY!!! Silvia and I miraculously made it to the finals of the Green Hornet Side-Kick Contest. All the best to us. *All fingers crossed!

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For Green Hornet

For Jay Chou actually, HA!

Too many contests for The Green Hornet going on! I’m so eggcited and I want to bet on every chance to participate. But a lot of these contests need partner one, so I dragged Silvia into the water with me, ‘cos I know she’s spontaneous enough to do crazy stuffs wimme.

Photo of signature pose with my sidekick, help me vote lei please. CLICK CLICK CLICK. Thankiew very much.

We also made a one minute video to show why we are the ultimate inseparable duo, and I only thought of a plot a night before our shooting day, which is also a day where we traveled 30% of the NEL route by foot. (More on that in a separate post!)

The sun + walks + jumps + NGs + weird stares from strangers + video editing. Tell you, it’s damn paisey and tiring can!

The final results are damn amusing la. Even if we don’t win anything, I totally enjoyed the process. You see if you can understand my lame storyline, and ya, go ahead and laugh!


OMG you know what, laugh all you want because that video got us into the second round of The Green Hornet Me and My Side-Kick Contest happening tmr (Saturday) 3pm at Bugis Junction! We’ll be playing games against 5 other teams and OMG I’m so excited! Come support us if you drop by and you can laugh even more then! LMAO./a

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Guess Who’s Back!?

THE LEGENDARY CASS!!! :DD Got people crack humsup jokes wimme already, YAY!

Ask the Second Mr. Han

Why do men always try to come up with cheesy pickup lines? Can you teach them a few better ones?

Our parents taught us many things, bless their kind hearts. One thing they never taught us though is how to attract the gorgeous lady in the red dress sitting down at the bar downing that Cosmopolitan.

So, most of us stumble through life trying all this dodgy pick-up lines we get from self-help books and movies. Stuff like “Is your father a baker? ‘Cos you have nice buns.” Sadly for us, these pick-up lines have been perpetuated ad nauseum in said books and movies because everyone’s reading the same damn thing.

Plus, we always thought that women appreciated humour in a guy since according to survey results, humour is the no. 1 attractive trait in a guy (which I think is a big fat lie, Moses Lim never got anyone).

So we try all these funny pick-up lines. The problem is that everyone is using the same lines. And it all falls flat on our face.

The best pick up line is to be original. Something that no one has ever used before.
“Besides looking so gorgeous, what do you do for a living?”
“Can you buy me a drink?”
“So I was wondering. Are we going to start talking or are going to continue flirting from a distance?”

Can men fake orgasms?

Unlike women, it’s pretty hard for a man to fake orgasm.

Man: Oh yeah baby I’m coming.
Woman: So where’s the cum?
Man: It retreated back into its shell.

Suffice to say, if there’s the white stuff, it’s the original stuff.

Why can’t men cuddle more?

During the era of the cavemen, sex was like a hit and run thing. We never knew when the lion would spring up and attack us. So after spreading our seed, we had to be on our guard and had no time for all this cuddling stuff. What if the monkeys decided to launch an attack on our cave? So, we had to be ever-ready.

And being ever-ready meant cuddling for the bare minimum amount of time.

I think I say for all men that it’s not that we don’t want to cuddle, it’s just that after the deed is done, there’s this period of introspection for us where we want to pat ourselves on the head and go, “That’s right. You’re the man.”

Plus our body is really sensitive after that. Really.

Why do men cheat?

Because we can. Sad, but true.

Plus there was some kind of scientific study that showed it’s not in our genes to remain monogamous. We had to bear as many children as we can because we didn’t know which child would survive till adulthood. Or something like that.

Men don’t set out to cheat though. When we really, truly love someone, the amazing depths that we would go for that person is astounding.

Also, the fact that another woman actually finds us attractive is quite a boost to our ego.

However, those serial cheaters in my opinion are just douchebags. Yet, what puzzles me is that women always encourages that behaviour. They perpetually go back to the same cycle and keep complaining about it to their friends when the guy cheats on her. A leopard never changes its spots. Stop going for bad boys. Go for guys who look like bad boys but are total sweethearts inside.

Is it possible for a man and a woman to have a purely platonic relationship?

Nay. A good friend once told me the only reason that a man and woman who are good friends but don’t fancy each other or are not together is because there is something about the other person they don’t like or fancy.

It could be because the man is obnoxious or the woman is smelly or the man is fat or the woman is ugly. It ranges from the emotional to the physical.

I find it downright impossible to be honest. There will definitely be sparks, even if it’s one-sided. It’s just whether they want to reveal it or not.

Which is better – Bush, a landing strip or all gone?

The only people who like bushes are… You know, I can’t think of anyone. I think even the Kung Bushmen prefer their women to maintain some sort of decency down there.

All gone is for men who are actually closet paedophiles. The real man prefers their women to have some hair down there, perhaps shaved to a small triangle or neatly trimmed so that it doesn’t poke into our noses and cheeks when we go down.

The more important thing is whether it smells. Yes, the smell. If it smells, we can smell it the moment the pants are off and it’s a real big turn off.

What are men REALLY thinking of all the time?

“Hmm I wonder whether anyone will notice if I let out a small fart.”

What is the question men hate most?

“Why do you love / like me?”

It’s hard for us to express what we feel into words. That’s why we grunt a lot or try to avoid the question. It doesn’t mean we don’t love or like you any less.

In fact, we love everything about you. Your laugh, the way you flick your hair back, the way your eye scrunches up when you’re reading the newspaper, the way you separate the eggs from the rest of the meal because you’re saving it for us.

We express our love in different ways. Breakfast in bed, holding the door for you, making sure you’re home safe. Just don’t ask us why.

Interesting read about men so I ripped it off from sixpegs.

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Bus’ Day Out

It was supposedly a “car’s day out” on our off-day two weeks ago, but oh wells, shit happens and so to make ourselves feel less deprived, homies and I still headed for further places via buses. Actually two places only la, but at least we finally saw some light, sunlight! (I made us sound like vampires.)

The signature photo montage wall at Island Creamery! Been craving for their ice cream since forever.

Doing the typical girls’ thing. Jan and Yun tried smiling with teeth but they still didn’t like it. I think not bad what!

Retro mode.


Haha check out my flipping of eyes.

Yun looks super funny here!

Next destination – Keppel Bay Marina.

We had self-timed multi shots, and our multi shots always end up looking super random ‘cos there isn’t any time to think of poses.


This is my favourite! 😀

Dinner + chillout at Privé Bakery Café.

Love my burgers!

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Ending the 12 Days of Christmas

Basically this entry is just to show off the house decor that my mum had painstakingly put up. She’ll do it every year without fail and this year’s is one of the best ‘cos we bought a super tall Christmas tree!

The snowman and Santa soft toys have existed for the longest time ever.

I too had my very first personal Christmas tree in my room! It’s a random $10 buy (excluding the decors) in KL ‘cos I thought that an orange tree looks so special! It certainly brightens up my room 🙂

And my mum even decorates our meals. She so cute lahhhh. Always like to 搞气氛 :DD

Okay, time to snap out of the holiday mood; and my blog should stop snowing already.

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Homie is the New Bestie

Been seeing heavy usage of the word “homie” recently. Googled it and I consolidated my favourite definitions from Urban Dictionary. Haha some say homie is a slang used among Blacks and even gangs. Aiya whatever la~ It sounds like a nice word to acknowledge a close friend and I like it. Homie homie homieeee!

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Angel Orh-Pi-Sai

WAHAHAHA darn bo liao.

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Of Year-end Parties

With all that gatherings and fun, no doubt December is my favourite month of all time. I believe that this is applicable to everyone la hur!

Christmas gatherings started as early as 21st with the St John’s clan. The plan was almost abolished but I’m glad we were still able to come together again 🙂

Classic shot of the night.

Christmas feast deliciously whipped up by Lynn and Selina! What you are seeing are just the APPETISERS only!

Monster turkey to the right.

Everyone! It was a laugh-until-stomach-pain night. Met new faces and bumped into two of my sec school juniors whom happened to be friends of the host.

Boxing day with poly mates.

Introduced them a drinking game and I ended up downing one full cup of Bailey’s. They all 没良心 one lol D:

New year’s eve BBQ at Mighty Orangees chalet. Delicious food but deesgusting cockroach-infested chalet. Crazy games and yet another laugh-until-stomach-pain night. Unfortunately, no group photos.

1st Jan at Shots with the IM clique! Love this place.

Mind-fcuking Monopoly Deal game (army style) which drove all of us bonkers hahahaha.

All in all, thanks to my family and friends who made my 2010 an exciting and memorable one.

Special thanks to Jan – the mother of all organisers! I know it’s not easy to plan meet-ups but she always does such a fantastic job! I hope everyone enjoyed your holidays 😀

2011, BRING IT ON!

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