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For Green Hornet

For Jay Chou actually, HA!

Too many contests for The Green Hornet going on! I’m so eggcited and I want to bet on every chance to participate. But a lot of these contests need partner one, so I dragged Silvia into the water with me, ‘cos I know she’s spontaneous enough to do crazy stuffs wimme.

Photo of signature pose with my sidekick, help me vote lei please. CLICK CLICK CLICK. Thankiew very much.

We also made a one minute video to show why we are the ultimate inseparable duo, and I only thought of a plot a night before our shooting day, which is also a day where we traveled 30% of the NEL route by foot. (More on that in a separate post!)

The sun + walks + jumps + NGs + weird stares from strangers + video editing. Tell you, it’s damn paisey and tiring can!

The final results are damn amusing la. Even if we don’t win anything, I totally enjoyed the process. You see if you can understand my lame storyline, and ya, go ahead and laugh!


OMG you know what, laugh all you want because that video got us into the second round of The Green Hornet Me and My Side-Kick Contest happening tmr (Saturday) 3pm at Bugis Junction! We’ll be playing games against 5 other teams and OMG I’m so excited! Come support us if you drop by and you can laugh even more then! LMAO./a

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