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Month: February 2011 (page 1 of 2)


This particular pair of shoes is much dirtier on one side because it is used for a specific purpose. Can’t wait for the day when I can quit wearing this!

Anyway, talking about shoes, please visit Love Schues if you’re a sucker for comfy pumps. It’s my friend – Mei Ting’s online business and though I think she’s doing pretty well for a start, do still give her support! I really like the way she suggests an overall outfit to go with your schues!

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Moi New Toy

Been looking for this particular macro lens for the longest time, and I impulsively bought it when I saw it on ClubSNAP.

Test shots.

I love the sharpness of the lens and the details that it can capture, but I’m not very happy with its performance in low light. My other prime lens perform damn well in low light, but less in the details, focusing speed and distance. I only intend to keep one out of the two, but I can’t decide which leiii…..

I’m using this new lens primarily for my food photography though. (View photos here.)

‘Like’ this entry if you like the photos and think that I should keep this lens. Thankiew!

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Favourite Photos of CNY

Finally, a pretty group picture with the Lee family in YEARS.

Little Zijie bathing in the limelight as usual, even in a candid shot.

Popo secretly salivating at all the food. So cute.

Awesome steamboat spread prepared by Vivian and mum!

SJAB reunion.

I like the feeling of ‘聚’ that these photos portray. I’m no Tiger Beer fan / ambassador but I like the ‘聚’ idea in their ad.

THE $11 Million Dollar Draw

不买没希望, 有买就有希望。

结果还是没希望, 因为我们这些人才是 Singapore Pools 真正的希望啊!

Random update. Last week Vivian suddenly dug out an old photo of me at her house. I don’t know how it ended up in her hands but that wasn’t important.

Just check out that skinny bitch. I only weighed about 24kg back then when I was 15, and I’ve got the oh-I-think-I-look-so-cool look on my face just because I was going for parasailing in Phuket. LOL. I have always been secretly proud of myself being able to do stuffs that most girls don’t usually dare to do.

I don’t understand how I used to eat like a pig and still look undernourished, and although people always comfort me that I look better and healthier (read: fatter) now, I totally don’t mind being a skinny bitch again. Tall lean girls clad in skinny jeans and tank top complete with a pair of sunglasses – my kind of pretty.

Maybe I should eat a tapeworm.

Anyhows, I’m really in love with Vivian’s doggggggg! He’s a licking machine, but an adorable and obedient one!

Still, I was so afraid that he would suddenly stick out his tongue and lick me while taking this photo, but luckily never la. If not I straight away ‘lar chee’ with him! *Deprived. ROFL EH I’M KIDDING OKAY. Have a great weekend!

Such Guys are Fictional, Right? LOL

I am a guy, and I am very jealous of girls. Because, girls can hug, kiss and cuddle with each other without fear of being called as gay or lesbians. Girls share stories better with other girlfriends compared to guys who would rarely give a fuck of each others’ problems. Girls can gossip around and look cute and beautiful, rather than being dull, like most trying-to-look-macho guys. But then, I remembered that females get heartbroken real easily, fragile, weak, works a lot at home, get pregnant, get period pains and lots more problems than most men. And that’s the reason why boys exist. We exist to protect you girls out there, and it’s a shame that its hard to find a good guy nowadays. And I’m proud being a guy. Someday I’ll treat my wife better than a queen.

– Author unknown

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Alone this Valentine’s

But I’ve got a sweet sweet surprise to cheer me up 🙂

Such an exquisite piece of chocolate art! Haven’t seen anything like this before. Thanks Kel 😀

So pweeeetty I don’t know when to start with. Chocolate therapy! Works every time, heh.

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原本以为就算到了最后要是真的无法在一起, 至少可以画上一个完美的句号。

但,就连分手后的你还有本事令我伤心、 失望。 一段四年半的感情, 你说忘就忘, 一走就无影无踪。 我还在原地踏步是为什么? 我又还在盼望着什么? 朋友们对你的改变都感到很惊讶, 可能这就是你所谓的 “今日不如往事” 吧。 我怀念的你, 早在两年前消失了。 现在的你, 已是另一个人了。

再也没有什么好留念了。 我会很努力很努力彻彻底底地死了这条心, 像你一样不会回头。 但我一点也不可怜, 我一定会过得更好。 谢谢你让我学会怎么去看清一个人。 你不需要祝福我, 因为我也不可能会祝福你。

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Just THISSSS Close to Meeting Jay Chou

I know I sound like a total bimbo but IDC! Can’t help being drawn to talented men wahahaa.

I did mentioned about making it to the finals of the Green Hornet Side-Kick Contest.

But nope, even with faces looking tough like that, we didn’t win D:

(If I win hor, you wouldn’t only be reading this entry two weeks after the competition.)

Anyhows, it was still quite an experience throwing face publicly on stage at Bugis Junction. Continue reading

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@NuffnangSG #gplusmeetup

The first Nuffnang event of the year!

Held at Sinema @ Old School – the only cinema in Singapore that plays local productions. I heard of it some time ago but have yet to check it out, then voila! All Nuffnangers whom attended that event received a pair of free tickets! (Things are starting to look good already hur!) Continue reading

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January Babies!

Brother’s. Those two thingys were supposed to be lighted Sakae candles made up of sashimi, roe and dunno what stuff.

Dad’s. See what pattern badminton my mum did to the cake (again) -_-

And Mighty Orangees’! I bo dai bo ji became an official member in their clique lol. Sounds like a good start though :))

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