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THE $11 Million Dollar Draw

不买没希望, 有买就有希望。

结果还是没希望, 因为我们这些人才是 Singapore Pools 真正的希望啊!

Random update. Last week Vivian suddenly dug out an old photo of me at her house. I don’t know how it ended up in her hands but that wasn’t important.

Just check out that skinny bitch. I only weighed about 24kg back then when I was 15, and I’ve got the oh-I-think-I-look-so-cool look on my face just because I was going for parasailing in Phuket. LOL. I have always been secretly proud of myself being able to do stuffs that most girls don’t usually dare to do.

I don’t understand how I used to eat like a pig and still look undernourished, and although people always comfort me that I look better and healthier (read: fatter) now, I totally don’t mind being a skinny bitch again. Tall lean girls clad in skinny jeans and tank top complete with a pair of sunglasses – my kind of pretty.

Maybe I should eat a tapeworm.

Anyhows, I’m really in love with Vivian’s doggggggg! He’s a licking machine, but an adorable and obedient one!

Still, I was so afraid that he would suddenly stick out his tongue and lick me while taking this photo, but luckily never la. If not I straight away ‘lar chee’ with him! *Deprived. ROFL EH I’M KIDDING OKAY. Have a great weekend!

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