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Month: March 2011 (page 1 of 2)

My Cactus Flowers

Never knew that cactus can actually sprout flowers! Three some more. I’m amazed TTM.

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Pain Killed Rose

Rememeber the stalk of rose that I left in Panadol solution?

This is the results two weeks later.

Grosssss. Reminds me of chemistry lab days – cloudy brown residue. Was it Iodine or something? Can’t remember, but ewww, still gross.

The rose obviously wilted, but it turned purple!

I didn’t do any colour editing to the photo. Looks quite chio lehhh!

Wake Up. Get Job. Find Love.

Attended my first movie preview screening with omy for the first time. Was pretty excited when I learnt that the movie I’m catching was written by the same screenwriter of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and ’27 Dresses’.

The storyline revolves around Becky (Rachel McAdams) and her career since the day she got fired to eventually reviving a dying news show at her new job. The obstacles she met, her love life, and the way she dealt with this “3rd worst person in the world” as her TV anchor were hilarious, but it did get a lil’ dry in some point of time.

Partly why I enjoyed the movie is also because Becky is almost like the exaggerating version of me in terms of her jittery behavior, as quoted by my best friend.

The overall flow of the film was smooth and humour was sweet, but there isn’t much climax though. However, if you fancied ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, you’d most probably like ‘Morning Glory’.

Mushroom Head / Helmet

My first bangs. I think my stylist is set on thinking that I want adventurous hairstyles every time so he did this for me.

It’s either stylo or toot, but I think I belong to the latter LOL -_-

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Cause Everything Looks Better in B&W

Even my 惊世骇俗丑不拉叽香菇头 looks okay. NOT. New hairstyle coming up in the next entry wahaha.

Mum got me a cactus, and it grew flowers! So cute! Photos of them later too 😀

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Sounds Like a Drink for Me

It’s Monday, but I’m counting down to the weekends already.

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My Little Effort to #HelpJapan

Five different donation links here.

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Inked, the Geeky Way

Finally plucked up enough courage and did something I’ve always wanted – a HTML tattoo that marks the end of head, and not all everyone will get this one ;>

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The People Around Me

Never did I expect the impact to hit me so hard, like 3 months later. But I’m thankful for having everyone.

Being part of a new clique – Mighty Orangees whom are all very welcoming.

Having a close friend to meet for lunches..

..whom doesn’t mind spending more than usual when I had cravings for flowy custard buns.

Marcus, sitting and watching me as I underwent a decision of a lifetime.

Dad, whipping up a crabby lunch for us all by himself! 😀

<img src=”” class=”alignnone” />Jan, arranging a (supposedly) surprise dinner with my poly friends and bringing me to the Thai steamboat place which I’ve been wanting to go for a long time.

Seeing old school Fanta in cheery colours somehow made me happy.

No words can describe the way she stood by me :))

Jar and Stan, whom will act as gays just to make me laugh.

All of them, taking turns to sit underneath the table beside me and gave me comfort. I was very much touched and surprised at how these guy friends REALLY took care of me on two consecutive drinking nights. They might not read this, but thanks, Jar and Stan :’)

Meiting and Yuling, going on a mega ice cream therapy with me!

Lastly, thanks to those who were there emotionally for me. You know who you are 🙂

I’ll try to stay strong, because I know I have awesome people around me.

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Mummy’s Birthday

Mum’s DIY cake. She insisted on decorating it herself after we did a pretty FAILED ‘ah neh‘ looking one for her two years ago. But hor, this cake also quite ‘ah neh‘ looking leh LOL.

Mummy I will still love you no matter how ‘ah neh‘ or ‘ah huay‘ your cake looks! Wahahaha.

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