Arghhhh I just typed out this whole entry and pressed ‘publish’ but it FAILED bad time. Now I have to rewrite it from a scratch! Why do this to me on a Sunday midnight….. I want to sleep :(((

*Breathe. Ok I’ll start afresh.

One corgi + three chihuahuas + some new friends! These very much made up my first dog picnic ever.

That just sounded like a total abrupt start -_-


Mango, my favourite!

King Kong, the asthmatic dog.

Mojo, the obedient mojojojo.

Moogi, the chihuahua any-size-dog terroriser.

And a random passerby Golden Retriever!

Cool SpongeBob sandwich made by Jonathon.

Mango looked as if he’s winking ;p

King Kong’s like a baby here omgggg *melts.

Me and Lynn! Thank you for organising the outing and bringing me down to play with such cute lil’ fur friends!

King Kong falling asleep (like me now =.=).

BAM! Asleep! Best time to do all kinds of stupid shit to him.

At first, it was merely size comparison.

Then, I added a blanket.

A bolster.

And a drink.

“Mmmmm, teh limau in my dreams.”

“Moshi moshi. I’m in lalaland zzz…..”

LOL. Funny max. The best part is, King Kong was actually aware of us doing all these to him, ‘cos he opened his eyes several times to look at us, but he just went back to sleep. What a cool dude!

Love this pic.

Ok my eyes are drying up! Gotta jump into my bed before I concuss on my table. Happy moanday blues~

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