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Month: April 2011 (page 1 of 2)

Make Your Vote Count

I’m not one who’s into politics ever before, but the sudden surge of open voices and opinions through the social media got everyone (including me) really excited. This is the first time something like that is happening in Singapore and I personally feel that it’s a good sign because Singaporeans finally have a platform to express our thoughts.

Articles after videos after articles, everyone just became more daring from behind the screens to out on ground. We’ve been suppressed for way too long because whoever whom has a strong opinion against our government in the past would be shot down and silenced. That’s why Singaporeans are fearful to voice out anything. We steer clear of getting into political trouble so we divert all our time and attention to make more and more money (just like the ruler) so as to keep up with our ever increasing living standards.

I think people whom think that there’s “nothing wrong” with the PAP are prolly those who have lived comfortably in wealth all their lives, because our system is made where the rich gets richer, and the poor can only get poorer. We slog hard so that our government can pocket $10K per day (TOP 30 highest paid politicians in the world are all from Singapore) when they should be the ones working for us citizens.

I believe like many of my peers, this is my first time voting in the General Elections, but sadly, many are still apathetic, ignorant, timid, blah blah. Give you one $600 you happy already, when it’s actually our money in the first place -.- However, this kind of attitude is only inevitable because of the government-administered-information that our education system and the media delivers.

This is a perfect example of a apathetic Singaporean lol funny max.

I’m not saying that I’m the most knowledgeable but I want to make my vote count. This is entirely my own point of view and you can beg to differ. There is no wrong or right opinions to begin with anyway.

Trust me, I’m still learning and if you’re one who also complains about expensive food expensive transport foreign workers competing for jobs or university places yadah yadah, and now that you can do something about it, do it.

Start. READ READ READ. There are many well written online articles out there which will never see the daylight in The Straits Times.

Or watch funny videos.

Errr this is err my first time acting political. Arghhh I don’t know what to say! *Stamps feet.

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Kaya Jam Bun Goes to KL: Day 3

The very first thing in the morning was chee cheong fun again! It is so damn nice that I swear I might just marry the owner so I can eat this everyday! Errr.. If he’s not greasy looking and doesn’t cheat LOL. Continue reading

Kaya Jam Bun Goes to KL: Day 2

Day 2 is all about food, my friend. Well, almost lah! Continue reading

Kaya Jam Bun Goes to KL: Day 1

So. My KL trip last last weekend. Actually the title should be “Night 1” lah, ‘cos Sil and I left Singapore at 11pm on a Friday.

Two direction-sense-FAIL people at the airport. Luckily the signs at Changi Airport are all damn straight forward. Continue reading

Should I Fire My Maid?

Last time my grandma hired a maid.

She did most of the work so my grandma trusted her and supported her.

Over the years, the maid roped in her relatives and daughter to work for us too and told us to trust them and give them mandate so they can work faster.

With the mandate, they started increasing their pay so much that 2 hours of their work is equal to a months salary for the family they work for. Plus, the maids dun wanna retire and gave herself MM or Maid Mentor, SM – Senior Maid and PM Primary Maid positions, so we ended up paying for 3 people to see the maid do the job of 1 person. Plus, they hired a helper whose job is only ceremonial and make prata for us. We checked with our neighbours and realised their maid paid much less than ours and we are effectively paying 20 times more than them for the job of 1.

Recently, their work performance also suffered. They decided to work 2 weeks once every 4 years now. My clothes, dishes all not washed. Now I come home to see a flood every 5 days ‘cos the floor was covered with dirt and they blamed my parents for shedding hair that cause the drain to clogged. When I was away and afraid that my limping pet dog would escape, they hired a relative to take care of it but my dog escaped anyway. The caretaker just bo chup tell me the dog is either still in the house or outside the house and starting combing through the drawers to find it. Last I heard, the dog was found by my neighbour who refused to return it to me.

Lastly, they open the gates of my house and invite all sorts of their friends in to snatch my TV, my bed, my food and so on. I dun even feel like I am in my own house at all with all the strangers. They can’t do their jobs and their cooking is terrible! Their mee siam with hum taste so bad that I lost weight over the years.

So I wanted to change maids but I think they overheard and started fixing all the applicants. Then they also suddenly so nice buy me carrot cake with my money and tell me they will upgrade my PC if I continue hiring them.

I want to fire them but they have my money with them ‘cos they borrowed it last time to gamble. When they win they celebrated, but when they lose they just tell me pay me back later at age 65.

So how, should I bite the bullet and fire them???

My grandma has glaucoma and has since lost her eyesight still support them deeply leh.

From a Facebook note.

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My First Designs

Some stuffs I found while packing my room weeks ago. (Now it’s messy like a pig sty again -.-)

My D&T project when I was 14. It’s a night lamp made out of acrylic and my teacher actually wanted to keep this for display but I refused because I was so proud of it. Most girls did like strawberry butterfly sugar spice nice pinky girly lamps but mine was a freaking dinosaur. I’m such a boy :\

Then this was my first T-shirt design I did for my CCA department when I was 15. Very ugly lor! I drew it freehand with a mouse using Macromedia Flash 5.0 at that time wtf.

And that’s my self made up English name (*cringe cringe) on a splat of poo at the back of the shirt.

This entry is just to smoke you while I prepare for the KL trip entries. Coming up next! 😉

Blur Or Not

My very first Facebook Page baby. Like it okay!

My First Company Trip: Day 3

Continue reading

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My First Company Trip: Day 2

The second day was waking up to B4.




Continue reading

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My First Company Trip: Day 1

Yes! I’ve been officially awake for 22 hours since 4am last night -.-

Back from KL with too many photos that I’m excited to post but I shall clear my Bintan entries first la. (I seriously drrrrreeeeaaaaaad the editing.)

So… day one! Shall start with three narcissist pictures of myself ;p

Luggage bigger than me! But not mine!

With Mr. Nice PM at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

And about an hour later..

It’s HELLOOOOO Club Med Bintan! Hello food buffets. Hello unlimited alcohol. Hello my first company trip! Continue reading

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