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Month: April 2011 (page 1 of 2)

Kaya Jam Bun Goes to KL: Day 3

The very first thing in the morning was chee cheong fun again! It is so damn nice that I swear I might just marry the owner so I can eat this everyday! Errr.. If he’s not greasy looking and doesn’t cheat LOL. Continue reading

Kaya Jam Bun Goes to KL: Day 2

Day 2 is all about food, my friend. Well, almost lah! Continue reading

Kaya Jam Bun Goes to KL: Day 1

So. My KL trip last last weekend. Actually the title should be “Night 1” lah, ‘cos Sil and I left Singapore at 11pm on a Friday.

Two direction-sense-FAIL people at the airport. Luckily the signs at Changi Airport are all damn straight forward. Continue reading

My First Designs

Some stuffs I found while packing my room weeks ago. (Now it’s messy like a pig sty again -.-)

My D&T project when I was 14. It’s a night lamp made out of acrylic and my teacher actually wanted to keep this for display but I refused because I was so proud of it. Most girls did like strawberry butterfly sugar spice nice pinky girly lamps but mine was a freaking dinosaur. I’m such a boy :\

Then this was my first T-shirt design I did for my CCA department when I was 15. Very ugly lor! I drew it freehand with a mouse using Macromedia Flash 5.0 at that time wtf.

And that’s my self made up English name (*cringe cringe) on a splat of poo at the back of the shirt.

This entry is just to smoke you while I prepare for the KL trip entries. Coming up next! 😉

Blur Or Not

My very first Facebook Page baby. Like it okay!

My First Company Trip: Day 3

Continue reading

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My First Company Trip: Day 2

The second day was waking up to B4.




Continue reading

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My First Company Trip: Day 1

Yes! I’ve been officially awake for 22 hours since 4am last night -.-

Back from KL with too many photos that I’m excited to post but I shall clear my Bintan entries first la. (I seriously drrrrreeeeaaaaaad the editing.)

So… day one! Shall start with three narcissist pictures of myself ;p

Luggage bigger than me! But not mine!

With Mr. Nice PM at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

And about an hour later..

It’s HELLOOOOO Club Med Bintan! Hello food buffets. Hello unlimited alcohol. Hello my first company trip! Continue reading

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1 Down, 2 More to Go

I’m back from Bintan! Club Med = free flow food and booze.

This is me when I was a little tipsy.

Today’s officially the second day of work since my getaway but I’m still in the holiday mood. Damn, I’ll be feeling this way three times this month ‘cos I’m going KL this weekend, and a diving trip two weeks later. ZOMG. I can forsee hellllllll lotsa fun fun fun and updates!

Anyway, my photobucket account for my food blog is screwed, and it looks frigging ugly now.


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Wild Culture, Drink Honey

Last last Saturday, brunch lunner at Wild Honey.

Can never get sick of this place. The breakfast is just so good! Note to self: must order ‘European’ the next time I come.

Drinks + chillout at Drink Culture.

It’s a newly opened bar at Chinatown.

I designed their logo and some collaterals but I forgot to take photos of the logo -_- They have a Facebook page though. Please support support by liking it okay! Then you can see more photos wahaha.

Love the classical details.

The menu proudly done by yours truly 😉

They have some very interesting cocktails. I had the Kiwi Martini.

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