Some stuffs I found while packing my room weeks ago. (Now it’s messy like a pig sty again -.-)

My D&T project when I was 14. It’s a night lamp made out of acrylic and my teacher actually wanted to keep this for display but I refused because I was so proud of it. Most girls did like strawberry butterfly sugar spice nice pinky girly lamps but mine was a freaking dinosaur. I’m such a boy :\

Then this was my first T-shirt design I did for my CCA department when I was 15. Very ugly lor! I drew it freehand with a mouse using Macromedia Flash 5.0 at that time wtf.

And that’s my self made up English name (*cringe cringe) on a splat of poo at the back of the shirt.

This entry is just to smoke you while I prepare for the KL trip entries. Coming up next! 😉