Last time my grandma hired a maid.

She did most of the work so my grandma trusted her and supported her.

Over the years, the maid roped in her relatives and daughter to work for us too and told us to trust them and give them mandate so they can work faster.

With the mandate, they started increasing their pay so much that 2 hours of their work is equal to a months salary for the family they work for. Plus, the maids dun wanna retire and gave herself MM or Maid Mentor, SM – Senior Maid and PM Primary Maid positions, so we ended up paying for 3 people to see the maid do the job of 1 person. Plus, they hired a helper whose job is only ceremonial and make prata for us. We checked with our neighbours and realised their maid paid much less than ours and we are effectively paying 20 times more than them for the job of 1.

Recently, their work performance also suffered. They decided to work 2 weeks once every 4 years now. My clothes, dishes all not washed. Now I come home to see a flood every 5 days ‘cos the floor was covered with dirt and they blamed my parents for shedding hair that cause the drain to clogged. When I was away and afraid that my limping pet dog would escape, they hired a relative to take care of it but my dog escaped anyway. The caretaker just bo chup tell me the dog is either still in the house or outside the house and starting combing through the drawers to find it. Last I heard, the dog was found by my neighbour who refused to return it to me.

Lastly, they open the gates of my house and invite all sorts of their friends in to snatch my TV, my bed, my food and so on. I dun even feel like I am in my own house at all with all the strangers. They can’t do their jobs and their cooking is terrible! Their mee siam with hum taste so bad that I lost weight over the years.

So I wanted to change maids but I think they overheard and started fixing all the applicants. Then they also suddenly so nice buy me carrot cake with my money and tell me they will upgrade my PC if I continue hiring them.

I want to fire them but they have my money with them ‘cos they borrowed it last time to gamble. When they win they celebrated, but when they lose they just tell me pay me back later at age 65.

So how, should I bite the bullet and fire them???

My grandma has glaucoma and has since lost her eyesight still support them deeply leh.

From a Facebook note.

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