I’m not one who’s into politics ever before, but the sudden surge of open voices and opinions through the social media got everyone (including me) really excited. This is the first time something like that is happening in Singapore and I personally feel that it’s a good sign because Singaporeans finally have a platform to express our thoughts.

Articles after videos after articles, everyone just became more daring from behind the screens to out on ground. We’ve been suppressed for way too long because whoever whom has a strong opinion against our government in the past would be shot down and silenced. That’s why Singaporeans are fearful to voice out anything. We steer clear of getting into political trouble so we divert all our time and attention to make more and more money (just like the ruler) so as to keep up with our ever increasing living standards.

I think people whom think that there’s “nothing wrong” with the PAP are prolly those who have lived comfortably in wealth all their lives, because our system is made where the rich gets richer, and the poor can only get poorer. We slog hard so that our government can pocket $10K per day (TOP 30 highest paid politicians in the world are all from Singapore) when they should be the ones working for us citizens.

I believe like many of my peers, this is my first time voting in the General Elections, but sadly, many are still apathetic, ignorant, timid, blah blah. Give you one $600 you happy already, when it’s actually our money in the first place -.- However, this kind of attitude is only inevitable because of the government-administered-information that our education system and the media delivers.

This is a perfect example of a apathetic Singaporean lol funny max.

I’m not saying that I’m the most knowledgeable but I want to make my vote count. This is entirely my own point of view and you can beg to differ. There is no wrong or right opinions to begin with anyway.

Trust me, I’m still learning and if you’re one who also complains about expensive food expensive transport foreign workers competing for jobs or university places yadah yadah, and now that you can do something about it, do it.

Start. READ READ READ. There are many well written online articles out there which will never see the daylight in The Straits Times.

Or watch funny videos.

Errr this is err my first time acting political. Arghhh I don’t know what to say! *Stamps feet.

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