Hahah I know “YEARS” sounds damn gross, and in fact, it was about 4 years to be exact. Hey, don’t judge me because I know A LOT OF YOU are also guilty of that, and the main reason to not visit the dentist is – fear.

My case is a little different. I love the dentist. I love the feeling of having that “machine” grinding and grooving in between my teeth. The only thing that’s holding me back is MONEY. Dentals are freaking expensive.. heart pain one you know D:

But I thought it’s really HIGH TIME I should go and so there was I, on a Saturday morning, sitting next to these “calcium-chiseling” tools.

It was actually an impromptu decision when I walked past a dental clinic near my house the other day, and $40+ on the price list looked quite okay.. but they got me fooled. It was more like $40×2 lorrrr.

Totalled up to be $80. $55 for polishing + $25 for flouride gel (which they never say need to pay extra leh). *HEART BLOODY BLEEDS.

Well, at least my teeth feels squeaky clean now, and I’m secretly happy.

Frankly speaking, I think I’m quite blessed with naturally decent teeth..

..Decent like Paul!