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Belated Post for Vivian’s & Stella’s Belated Birthdays

One fine Saturday afternoon one month ago, I celebrated the belated birthdays for two sweet little girls over at Kith Café.

I wrote their names using chocolate sauce on a chocolate cake from Chocolate Origin and they loved it!

We ordered some drinks and a sandwich to share but I don’t know where the sandwich photo disappear to.

While cafe hopping to the next place, we ran into a dog and cat situation.

It was hilarious.

Then, we arrived at Laurent Bernard.

I treated them to my favourite chocolate soufflé of all times.

And it was wiped clean. They love it like I do.

I cam whored.

With Vivian.

With Stella.

And with Stella again, pinching our nostrils because we thought they were too big.

It was a great weekend spent.

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