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Rojak Entry #2

Soju Bang date with the Meiting, Yuling, and Debbie on Monday. My third time there, and I still hate the horrid aftermath – THE smell.

Jan and I getting bored while the guys were cooking five pathetic prawns after three hours of prawning. And if you wanna laugh, three rods :\ Totally W T F.

Oh the guys are my poly mates btw. And did I not mention that Jan is together with one of them, and how I just love having a girl (my best friend some more!) in future clique outings.

Dinner at Little Part 1 Café.

Love how the place is littered with all things vintagey.

Funny sign at their toilet. I think guys with ego problems will get distracted and misaim instead, ‘cos they’ll go like “OEI! Where got short lor!” Hahaha I seriously don’t get guys and their defense against their stupid wiener sizes, like who gives a damn except from Samantha in Sex and the City. (Nice series btw!)

I think my lil’ lamb looks cute here LOL.

Love how these places don’t feel like Singapore.

Slivia’s belated birthday celebration at Tea Cosy.

Two fishballs buahahahaha!

One of the stills that’s created by this fcuking genius Facebook app called The Museum of Me by Intel. Go do yours and be awed.

Coffee session with Kel. Speaking to older guys always open up my perception in some ways, but I felt all the more jaded about life.

Ever since my failed relationship of four and a half years, not only did I lose someone, I lost a big part of myself too. I find myself much colder and less passionate towards a lot of things, especially human relations, and I have developed a CBF attitude. I’ve also see things a lot differently now, to a point that you can either say I’ve lost faith, or I’ve simply learnt to let go. I’m unsure if this change is good, but for now, I dig my life as long as my drive for design and career doesn’t die.

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