Much as I am eager to blog about my Bangkok trip, I guess I’d better finish off something that I’ve started and procrastinated wayyyyy toooooooo long – my diving trip (which was dated 29 April to 1 May by the way).

Here I go!

Yuling and I chilling on top of the boat.


Then Alicia (my diving instructor) and I did tons of crazy shit on top of the boat, with no safety barriers at all!

Love this photo.

Love this photo too! ♥

We formed a word too. Please tell me you can figure out what it is. I like the ‘i’ and the ‘o’ best wahahah.

The noobs grabbing on the rope with their dear life.

While Yuling and I dive handsfree! LOL kidding kidding. Silvia and Ban took the noob open water diving course.

I have no idea what this was but it looks like a sea spider to me.

Some ugly fish. Forgot the name, but I think it’s the one with a “lamp” on its head.

I went very closely to this sea snake without knowing how fatal it can be. One bite, and you won’t even know how you died :\

Nemos! They are everywhere.

30m down under!

This first dive at Chebeh was really beautiful and clear, but the photos didn’t do justice to the view AT ALL. I am so getting my own underwater camera for my next diving trip.

Back to the boat!

I took this photo for them and I love it. Anyways, I just found out that they are a couple now. Wow.

Second diving spot – Labas.

I had some equalising problem so the dive was short.

Returned to shore for rest and lunch.

Ice kachang topped with Yuling hahah.

Heading out for the third dive of the day at Marine Park, this time with Silvia and Ban joining in.


Moray eel – another deadly sea creature. One bite and you can say bye bye to your hand.

Everyone! 🙂

I can balance a soda can on my cheek.

Back to shore, rested a while, then Yuling and I went for our first night dive (part of our advanced course).

It was pretty scary and you can’t see shit.

The only photo I have of the night dive – the water and a ray of torch light, and this photo serves no purpose except to illustrate how dark the sea really was. I hate the urchins, but the glowing planktons amazes me much.

Finally after four dives, it was BBQ dinner. Exhausted TTM please!

Me with both of my diving instructors from Adventure Chief. I really like the way they don’t treat us as their students but as friends.

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