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Month: September 2011 (page 1 of 2)

I Think I’m Falling for..

‘Lok lok’! And the boy whom brought me ‘lok lok’ from JB at 2am.

I know it doesn’t look very photogenic, quite lok kok in fact (haha), but it’s one of the sweetest things I’ve received. There were about eight skewers in total and none of them was a repeat. Boy, how I appreciated it ‘cos I’m a fan of variety and not quantity.

Bacon, asparagus, mushrooms, and chit chats till 5am. Well, that pretty much made up our very first date (I suppose).

I went home crossing my fingers hard that night. I wasn’t sure if he would ask me out again, but apparently he did, and then we met up not once, but many times. I may be too quick to say this, but I’ve never found someone whom fits me so well before. In a total span of nine months, he’s the only one whom managed to cause me (happy) sleepless nights.

I don’t know if he reads my blog, but if he does, by the time this post is auto published, it would have already been my fourth day in Japan. And all I want to say is, I’ll miss him very much! Don’t remind me how mushy and cliché this whole thing sounds, I know it. But when you fall for someone, you just can’t quite help it.

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Rojak Entry #3

Taken at Tea Cosy – it was my very very first treat I gave my aunt whom dotes on me much. *Guilty face.

Brunch with cheermates. Some things just don’t change even after four years wahahaha.

Saw Jay Chou’s (damn young) photo with Chef Vincent whom I met at The Gallerie’s opening. I couldn’t help but to get excited. I think the staffs thought that I siao.

Stacked up three candles during mid-autumn fest. Never knew you could do that.

Riding like a devil on Marc’s bike. Eh… I act only lah.

Keppel Bay!

Brunch with a much missed bunch.


Finally, the most exciting piece of news! I’m flying to Japan in one day’s time, ALONE! How scary is that! ‘Cos I haven’t even plan my itinerary and pack my luggage! What’s new. I’m a last minute traveler and I have way too much work to clear omg T_T But ok lah, at least for the first four days I’ll be meeting Lynn there. Can’t wait x 99!

* Japan flag not drawn to scale.

Imma use some sleep for now! Brain-fried, good night morning!

Bob Bob

Shooting Lynn’s hammie.

Fav shot!

He looks so helpless here! Argh so cute!

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My First Reebonz Purchase

The feeling of receiving something from Reebonz is fwah~ atas siol. I’m quite a fan of their branding.

It’s a Too Late watch. I like how unique it is, but the quality not very worth $60 lei. Too bad, TOO LATE!

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One Hand Throttle, The Other Mobile Camera

All taken while riding (three while on the expressway) – dangerous I know. But just how much I would risk when I chance upon a good photo moment.

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I Kinda Like to See My Lamb Among Grasses

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Laugh at the Face of Danger

The face of poppycock; the face of beeeean; the face of Rowan Atkinson.

It’s Johnny English….. REBORN.

I grew up watching Mr. Bean’s shows, and I believe that a lot of you, like me, also got to know Rowan Atkinson through Mr. Bean. So naturally, I was instantly drawn to this show when I knew it was coming. Thanks to United International Pictures (UIP) and omy, I got a pair of tickets to the preview!

This time, Rowan Atkinson plays the role of a improbable secret agent who is obviously oblivious of fear or danger (read: stupid). Watch him as he goes on a mission to stop a group of international assassins before they eliminate a world leader and cause global chaos.

It is a comedy spy-thriller jam-packed with Rowan Atkinson’s classic humour, action, high technology, wee bit of romance, and more humour. This guy is just so capable of making you laugh even at the most tensed moments.

If you’re looking for something lighthearted this week, don’t miss Johnny English Reborn!

Just Live

And live with no regrets.

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“Have You Found a Job Yet?”

Honestly, I get very frustrated when people ask me this. My answer is, “No, I haven’t found a job, and I’m not looking out for one at the moment, thank you very much.” Wait a sec.. Who on mother earth told you I’m not working?

I’m not pinpointing anyone in particular here. Just that I got that question a significant number of times, so I thought I shall write in defense of myself (and other freelance designers / self-employed).

1. Freelancers ≠ bummers.

Whenever I tell people I’m freelancing, they will think I lead a damn shiok life. After all, I seem like I do have time to hang out with friends, eat good food, update this space, blah blah. Yes, I admit that I do. Well, that’s because I have a life and I can manage my time (ahem, pretty efficiently). What people don’t see is when I sit in front of computer till my eyes wither dry to rush for deadlines and running from places to places to meet clients and stuffs like that. It’s not THAT easy.

2. No weekends & public holidays.

There isn’t a single day that has gone past without working (except for my Bangkok trip). I don’t get Monday blues nor do I countdown to TGIFs, ‘cos everyday feels the same to me – yet another working day.

3. Bao Kah Liao.

I’m my own designer, sales manager, account manager, project manager, traffic manager, admin, marketer, HR, finance, debt collector, cleaner, pantry auntie. Yeah, you get the idea.

4. Not stable lei..

Oh, don’t worry. Stability is traded off for flexibility. I am not bound to fixed working hours at a fixed working compound, therefore I’m not bound to a fixed paycheck too. This, I only have myself to fall back on. I slack and take my own sweet time I earn less lah. I chiong I earn more lah. Simple logic. Most importantly, as long as I’m still able to continuously give my parents money I happy already.

I work hard, I play hard. Because I deserve it 🙂

P.S. If you have friends boyfriends girlfriends mother father aunties uncles grandmothers grandfathers clients business partners flings god-knows-who looking for design services, remember to refer me ok! I can do web print identity graphics blah blah. Here’s a link to my professional portfolio which needs some serious updating soon!

Have a nice day.

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Oh Look, It’s a Fifth Storey Helmet!

Free advertising on the go! 😀

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