Hangry (hungry + angry) in the morning because haven’t eat breakfast!

We waited patiently for KFC to open at supposedly 9am, but they only did so at 9.20am, only to find out that there was no breakfast menu D:

Headed over to their rival instead. Familiar stuff.

Thailand is like the amazing Fino land, and everywhere I go I see Finos (my bike model), so I dragged all four girls with me to Saphan Kwai to hunt for Fino accessories.

I only ended up with an exhaust cover which almost caused me an accident last Saturday because the screw came loose. Looks like I have to pay five times the price in Singapore to get it properly fixed.

Check out the first sign bahahahah! No banging in the taxi. This was one of the most epic moments during our trip: were were all taking photos of this cab from our cab while waiting for the traffic light to turn green, AND THEN the ang mohs inside thought we were trying to get their pics so they waved and posed for us. The final straw was when one of them whipped out his camera and started shooting us too! *Facepalm. They must be thinking, “Mmmmm, fan girls :D”


Delicious food court food at Platinum Mall to charge us up for non-stop shopping action.

After one day of rain, we dirtied our legs while walking back to the hotel through lup sup water, so Hueyyen went to wash her legs and slipper in the bathtub.

I joined her.

This reminded me again why I never really fancied the idea of soaking myself in hotel bathtubs.

Broke us having cup noodles for dinner.

We also ordered in two dishes from room service to 加料. Quite yummy actually!

Checking out the very next day, so all of us were busy squeezing and packing our beloved buys into the luggage.

LOL all the buys belonging to Hueyyen the champ. WIN!

My buys on third day. I packed for ten minutes gao dim already, and laid on the bed to watch videos.

Our last night itinerary was supposed to consist of Supperclub / massage, but everyone was too broke to do so. We’d rather spend that money for another bag or two. Lol pathetic.

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