‘Lok lok’! And the boy whom brought me ‘lok lok’ from JB at 2am.

I know it doesn’t look very photogenic, quite lok kok in fact (haha), but it’s one of the sweetest things I’ve received. There were about eight skewers in total and none of them was a repeat. Boy, how I appreciated it ‘cos I’m a fan of variety and not quantity.

Bacon, asparagus, mushrooms, and chit chats till 5am. Well, that pretty much made up our very first date (I suppose).

I went home crossing my fingers hard that night. I wasn’t sure if he would ask me out again, but apparently he did, and then we met up not once, but many times. I may be too quick to say this, but I’ve never found someone whom fits me so well before. In a total span of nine months, he’s the only one whom managed to cause me (happy) sleepless nights.

I don’t know if he reads my blog, but if he does, by the time this post is auto published, it would have already been my fourth day in Japan. And all I want to say is, I’ll miss him very much! Don’t remind me how mushy and cliché this whole thing sounds, I know it. But when you fall for someone, you just can’t quite help it.

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