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(Not So) Solo Japan: Day 4

We were damn damn tired by day 4 from all the walking, but the thought of having uber fresh sashimi breakfast still got Lynn and I jumping out of bed.

Woohooo heaven is here!

The most popular stall.

But time constraints didn’t allow us to queue for that, so we settled for what seemed like the second in place.

Happy until ki siao liao.



Shared! The meal cost us 3000++ yen each but it was worth every cent. I am most willing to pay for good food.

This vehicle kept zipping around almost knocked me over several times. Thank you Lynn for saving my life lol.

Rushed a train back to our hotel to check out. We were late for merely 10 minutes and they charged us fifty fucking dollars %^#(@!*~&!

No time to waste, Lynn hurried off to catch her Narita Express to the airport and back to Singapore, while I continued my journey to Osaka by the Shinkansen (bullet train).

A real loner taking loner photos from this point forward!

Bento set to keep me company during the three-hour journey.

Here I was! Alone and lost.

After getting some friendly help, I got off at the correct station but I was lost again!

Walked one whole long stretch with an injured knee before realising that I was in the wrong direction.

Walked another 30 minutes in the opposite direction before arriving at my guesthouse. *Pants.

I chose a four-bed female dorm, and it was better than I expected. I know the photos don’t look very convincing, but the place was really spanking clean. It’s run by an English-speaking Jap couple whom was the most friendly and helpful. A really good deal for 2500 yen per night.

Dropped my bags and off I went to explore the neighbourhood. Guesthouse CaminoRo was smacked right in the middle of true blue local life, and as I walked on, I started to fall in love with that place.

Chanced upon this hair salon when I got lost at the other end, so I went all the way back there again. It was 7.50pm when I finally limped there, and their closing time was 8pm. I was like.. oh shit… but because Japanese people are so nice they still let me in and cut my hair :’)

Before and after. The cut cost me 3700 yen but it was considered one of the cheapest I could find. Any random salons in Japan cost an average of 6000 yen and above.

Light dinner at family mart.

Back to the guesthouse.

Common kitchen.

I bought these big shiok grapes at about 800 Yen? I know Singapore is selling them at a way higher price and since I was there, might as well go for the most promising one. There were wine-tasting juices spurting out with every bite. Bliss~

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