The day of return to Tokyo from Osaka.

The day started with a trip to the neighbourhood Onsen (hot spring) recommended by my guesthouse’s owners.

I paid for the 大人’s ticket ‘cos I refuse to admit that I am 小人.

My first time stripping naked in front of so many strangers. It felt so weird initially, but after a while, I couldn’t be bothered. The water was way too shiok!

Everything only cost 900 yen inclusive of locker, towel rentals and all. Sounds very reasonable to me, and I’m so glad that I did it! When I have time the next time, I wanna travel down to the mountains to experience true blue natural hot springs!

Past by this little cemetery on the way back.

Breakfast place also recommended by my guesthouse’s owners.

I really like the area where my guesthouse is located at. There’s a certain kind of warmth I get from the shop owners and locals there, and I happened to break into conversations with two old folks over breakfast. One mandarin speaking, and another english speaking. It felt really good (to finally have people whom understand you HAHAHA).

Simple comfort food.

Checked out, dropped my bags, and off I went to visit the last place before I left Osaka.

The Instant Ramen Museum!

1958: first instant noodle.

Of all the touristy places, I find this museum the most interesting. Best part is, you get to hands-on and customise your own cup noodle!

1. Purchase an empty cup (for 300 yen) from the vending machine. 2. Disinfect your hands.

3. Proceed to the “art” section and go crazy with the markers.

I realised I wrote the wrong ‘板’. The correct words should be ‘大阪’. Mine meant ‘big plank’ -_-

4. Place your cup over a bunch of noodles.

5. Choose your flavour and (up to four different) ingredients.

Mine! Base: curry; toppings: spring onions, eggs, cheese, and the chicken dunno what just ‘cos I thought it was cute.

6. Seal the cup and shrink wrap it.

7. Pump up and keep your cup noodle in an air package like this and you’re done.

Tadah! My very own cup noodle 😀 I skip the last step however ‘cos I still want to be able to pack this into my luggage, so plastic wrapped was good enough for me.

These three girls damn gei yan. Did drama poses at every other station.

On the Shinkansen back to Tokyo.

There were “stewardesses” pushing trolleys up and down selling food and coffee on the Shinkansen, similar to that of budget airlines.

Checked into my “Tatami room” at Tokyo, and I was instantly disappointed. Paid double the price of the Osaka’s guesthouse, but received half the (let’s just say) cleanliness standard.

There was also this blast of mouldy smell every time I enter the room, but I checked with some of my friends and found out later that it was the smell of tatami. Right… I wanted to try traditional style, and there I got it. Traditional IN MY FACE.

Was actually quite depressed that I have to spend two nights there.

Took a walk around the neighbourhood in Asakusa area.

250 yen beef bowl dinner.

Back at the hotel. The whole place kinda freaks me out too because of its creepy stairways and blardee red corridors.

Dislike the decors.

Now I see that they had complimentary tea in the room for a reason – to calm your nerves down.

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