Yes, I spend a great deal of time and effort doing up this space. From editing photos to writing then re-reading my post over and over again to make sure it’s the way I want it before hitting the ‘publish’ button. (Ha, the perfectionist in me.)

Sometimes I wonder if I should stop blogging. In terms of money sense, it is a complete waste of resources because I could put all these hours to more money making. However, it’s something I like to do. Even if my readership is zero (okay, can’t be zero ‘cos I’ll read it myself lol.) Even if my readership is one, I’ll still be blogging. Time spent on something which makes you happy shouldn’t be time wasted.

I like to scroll through my own archives and look back at everything – photos, people, stupid thoughts, whatever I had at that point of time. So one day if I ever get amnesia, this is a place I’d love to come home to. (Someone please remind me of my own blog address tyvm.)

Today, I was guilty of scrolling through my archives again (read: doing useless web browsing with no drive to start work). Stumbled upon an old post at my old blog and I’d like to share it again.

Question: Sometimes people misinterpret what we do. How do others see you that is different from how you really are?

My answer: Most people think that I’m a siao zha bor with a couldn’t-care-less attitude but actually, I give my best to matters that I really care about. Few people get to see this side of me, ‘cos I don’t bother showing them anyway. As long as the recipient appreciates, it’s more than enough.

There are many friends whom you can laugh and have fun with, but how many can actually get close to your heart?

We often judge, analyse what’s wrong or right, then start labeling others or preach to those we care about. But who are we to judge? What gives us the right to?

How often do people around you advise you against something, but you still went ahead nevertheless because your heart tells you so but you end up getting hurt. Now then, as guilty ones, do we still go around penalising the (so-called wrong) decisions of other people just because they have also chosen to “follow their heart”?

No one is me. What do they know? How do they know how I feel?

There is no right or wrong company. There is just whether a person makes you feel right; and whether a friend makes you know that he or she is true.

No one’s a saint anyway. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has flaws, and all these have got nothing to do with whether a person is worth befriending or not. It’s like saying I should hang out with a righteous lawyer because he is righteous, instead of a hooligan who comes to my rescue every time I need help. Haha two extreme cases just to illustrate.

Like I said, how many people can you really connect with and pour your heart out to? Extremely exiguous, and once I spot them, I cling on tight. Life’s too short to miss people out like that.

If a hurdle made a friendship stronger I believe it’s totally worth it. And it’s through the process of overcoming the hurdle which reveals the amount of effort and sincerity that both parties put in.

But of course, if you blew up too many chances then you’re a bitch and I should obviously ditch the friendship lah. Hur hur tell me about my tolerance level and number of chances I’ve given before giving two friendships up.

At the end of the day, I am absolutely sober of my own emotions and I can handle my own relationships. If I fail, then I ORBIQUACK lor but no one should ever walk over and say, “See, I told you so.”

There isn’t a thing called regret. We learn and then move on.

I’m living my life now and I don’t care what people think. Similarly, I shan’t interfere in people’s lives as well. Everyone’s an adult and should know how to make his / her own decision by now. I can always listen, but I’ll not advise / preach anymore. I suck at that anyway.

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