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Month: January 2012 (page 1 of 2)


Hey Time, you gotta chill yo. You are so fast that it’s already dragon year (WHAT!) and you make me feel so old because I’m a dragon baby which means I’m 24 this year and I used to think that 24-year-olds are very accomplished and matured adults but I still feel like I’m the same wtf.

We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.

– Bryan White

Saw these words of wisdom at 9GAG hahahaa #truestory.

Ok, maybe one accomplishment is that I’ve registered ‘Fifth Storey’ as a company and it officially starts NAO. Yay?

Bro and Zijie.

I think kids are cute when they are not yours, and I think I’ve developed the ‘I-don’t-think-I-want-kids’ syndrome. Uh-oh.

Having yu sheng, LIKE A BOSS.

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Welcome to the ’20s’ Club!



Birthday bro.

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Unfortunately, That’s How We Communicate

Hahahaha. It’s amazing how I found another shitty human being to talk shit to me.

Oh, look at the time. It’s 4am! I can now add on to the list, “I think of you when it’s 4am.” Right, time to sleep!

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Cool Hideouts

Chio-est camera store I’ve seen!

I stumbled upon this cafe sometime ago and I decided to check it out with Loti last Friday.

We fell in love with the place instantly.

And Imma be a selfish bitch for once and not share the location. If you know where, good for you. But please don’t expose it here hahaha.

The walls 破破烂烂 one, but 破 until very got feel.

Le Lomantic Krabi: Day 5

Every time last day damn emo one. Continue reading

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Le Lomantic Krabi: Day 4

One full day dedicated to exploration! Continue reading

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Le Lomantic Krabi: Day 3

Another diving day! This time it was a short trip to Krabi’s local islands. Continue reading

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Le Lomantic Krabi: Day 2

Setting off to our very first two dives at Phi Phi island. Continue reading

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Le Lomantic Krabi: Day 1

Armed with a budget of $700 each, Loti and I escaped to a land of smiles, beaches, and underwater world. Continue reading

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Krabi Rewritten!

Loti and I are back from our first trip together, and I’m thankful it was a surprisingly pleasant one. We took quite a number of photos, and also about 120 videos to compile into ONE single clip. So, please be patient wimme! Lotsa editing to do!


I didn’t realise that there’s a ♥ shape on Loti’s chest until cousin Peimin pointed out.

AND AND! The video is complete, and I LOVE IT. WATCH!

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