Can I sound any worse for the first post of a new year? Hahaha anyway, happy 2012 everyone. OXYMORON TTM *ROLLS EYES.

But what if the 2012 prophecy is true?

May sound stupid to some, but I believe it to a certain extend. So. I want to fulfill some stuffs before I “die.”

  1. Go Taiwan. (Happening this coming April :D)
  2. Make my business idea come to live.
  3. Spend lots of quality time with my loved ones.

Just 3 simple ones. And if you think it is too shallow for a bucket list, come on. One more year to enjoy, why so serious? If we get pass then say lah!

Looking back at the 11 things I wanna do in 2011, I’d say the most gratifying one was traveling alone – 9 days of Japan, more than I can ever ask for. I also accomplished almost every other thing on that list, except for the exercising and hitting ideal weight part. That, I can comprehend and I shall forget about the idea, ever.

Also in 2011, I’ve gained and lost a loved one. Well, I guess sometimes in life, it’s like that. I’ve spent the past 12 months learning how to let go (a lot), and now, I just embrace life as it comes. After all, we are nothing but particles in the universe, so just keep doing whatever that makes you happy.

In a nutshell, watch this clip.

It totally speaks my mind.

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