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Ammo Reloaded

Another batch of Binggrae banana milk! This time round, Loti ordered them for me, and you don’t know how appreciative I am :’) This milk is an viral addiction infected by Yun, but I very 不舍得 drink because it’s so expensive ($1+ per packet) and it’s so hard to find in Singapore.

Anyhows, people has been saying (since forever) that Loti and I look like each other. I kinda agree la, but not only do we look alike, we think similarly too!

This was how I fared in the 5 love languages, and Loti’s highest score was also ‘quality time,’ which means we both enjoy each other’s company the most! ♥

Couples should totally do it and compare results with one another. (There isn’t an option for boyfriends / girlfriends / gay partners / lesbian partners, so just choose husbands / wives.) Singles don’t despair. There’s a quiz for you too!

I then asked Loti to take another personality test – one which I took quite some time ago, and his results are IDENTICAL TO ME! IMPOSSIBRUUUUUU! He is also an ESFJ! How can he be an ESFJ! I mean, there are 72 questions and there are so many different combinations of types – like he may be a J E R K, S C U M, or even a D I C K, but why is he an E S F J!

There can only one be explanation. I’ve found my evil twin.

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