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Month: March 2012

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Recently Loti and I fell in love with the same person – Mr. Lu. His name is Wimbly. Wimbly Lu.



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Only Change is Constant

I agree. People change. I’ve heard stories; I’ve witnessed them myself. People change because of the change in expectations, circumstances, priorities, environment, ideals, values, and because other people made them change.

Recently, I’ve been reminded by a friend of my change. I know it and admit it. I’ve changed greatly. One failed relationship and I was a different person. My brother said, “Yah, that’s because he (my ex) screwed up. If not you two would get still married.” No, we both screwed up. And yeah, probably we would get married, have kids, blah blah. But if that relationship didn’t ended, I prolly wouldn’t know what went wrong, I prolly wouldn’t know what I really wanted, I prolly wouldn’t have found a more suitable someone now. But then again, who knows? Maybe five years down the road our similarities cause us big fights or Loti realises he actually prefers dicks to pussy or maybe I’ll die in an accident (choy but who knows)! I mean, ANYTHING can happen.

You may give someone your 100%, but only returned with 10%, or even none. You may have put in your very best, but someone else with better luck took it away from you. Unfair as it is, this is life.

That is why. I’ve learnt to let go. I’ve learnt to say no. I choose whatever that makes me happy and I live for the moment. I don’t believe in mistakes or regrets. I only believe in lessons learnt and not trying hard enough. If one has never tasted failure, he / she can’t truly enjoy the flavours of success.

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Trying to Eat Healthy

I made my very own lunch for three consecutive days – multigrain bread topped with steamed chicken breast, sautéed portobello mushrooms, and tomato slices. Sounds ultra unappetising hur hur. But I kinda enjoy it for now and Imma vary the ingredients used so that I won’t get bored. Let’s see how long I can last.

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Breakfast Yet Again!

It’s been a while, my friend :))

Appreciate Yun’s effort to crawl out of bed on a Saturday morning and travel all the way down to Holland V to have brunch wimme. The food and COMPANY was all worth it right! Wahahaha!

Breakfasts and New Hairs

Nice place, sucky food, screwed service. But still, it was dirt cheap like $7.50 for a breakfast set + cappuccino / latte / mocha / etc ’cause it was an online deal.

(Photo credit: Loti.)

Enjoy quiet mornings with Loti, especially on weekdays. No crowds in the malls, no running / crying kids, no crazy lunatics (’cause they don’t wake up so early? HAHAHAH).

Before doing my hair.


And after. My hair wasn’t in its best state when this photo was taken though.

Loti’s. He went to the same hairdresser as me 😀

Loving the watch and bangle that Loti and Yun gave me (respectively) for Valentine’s. So me! THANKS LOVES.

Shiok breakfast at TCC two days later. We buey gam wan.

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The Best Matcha Tiramisu.. at Watami.

So good I wanna cry. Y I no discover it earlier!?

Met Celeste and Sharon for dinner and catchup about three weeks ago.

Took tons of self-timed shots and here’s just one out of the many series. Hahaha Celeste is appalled at me and Sharon posing with random stuffs like lemon skin and Japanese pepper (and some got into her hair)???

Anyway, there’s this toilet thing among us – you go toilet, your camera will kena bombarded with self-shots of other people. Happens to Sharon e v e r y t i m e.

Like this.

I has an amazing nose. I can suck in the flaps and make them stay.

Then it was my turn to go toilet and this happened. Some more I’ve already put my camera into my bag as a prevention but they still dug it out -.-

Eat, Lick, Pose

The SJAB people love to eat. At first it started out with only Vian, Stella, and me. Occasionally Kevin came. Then Sock joined. Now the whole group goes out to nom together and apparently I am their walking food directory hahaha. I’ve already thought of the next eating place and I think I need to come out with a list soon! *Sweats.

Dinner at Tom Yum Kungfu.

Coincidentally we were looking at the same direction.

Was quite worried that I oversell the food there but luckily all of them thought it was delicious. Phew!

Brought them to Salted Caramel for ice cream. It’s my fav ice cream place 😀

Thereafter, Adrian brought us to Punggol Beach to chill.

As we were taking group photos, Adrian suddenly got inspired and FORCED us to pose like fashion models (wannabe). He kept asking us to think of ‘Zara’ LOLWTH.


Single guys up for grabs!

The light flare got feel sia.

All photos are stolen from and credited to Jasmine btw!

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Rojak Entry #5

Here comes the rojak entry due to the lack of time to update. I’m sorry, lao niang wery busy recently, and time just flies when you are busy. It’s MARCH already wtf feels like I just celebrated Christmas last month.

Cute cupcakes to welcome my cousin’s newborn.

‘K’ is for ‘Kyven.’

And ‘Kaiyi.’

Then we went TCC twice in Feb ‘cos of the birthday month discount – 50% for mum’s actual birthday, and the other 30% for a casual day out in town with mum and bro.

My parents just can’t get TCC right. Mum says “TTC” while dad says “CTC.” LOL.

Rainbow cake!

Happy birthday mummy!

Feels like a sir.

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