I agree. People change. I’ve heard stories; I’ve witnessed them myself. People change because of the change in expectations, circumstances, priorities, environment, ideals, values, and because other people made them change.

Recently, I’ve been reminded by a friend of my change. I know it and admit it. I’ve changed greatly. One failed relationship and I was a different person. My brother said, “Yah, that’s because he (my ex) screwed up. If not you two would get still married.” No, we both screwed up. And yeah, probably we would get married, have kids, blah blah. But if that relationship didn’t ended, I prolly wouldn’t know what went wrong, I prolly wouldn’t know what I really wanted, I prolly wouldn’t have found a more suitable someone now. But then again, who knows? Maybe five years down the road our similarities cause us big fights or Loti realises he actually prefers dicks to pussy or maybe I’ll die in an accident (choy but who knows)! I mean, ANYTHING can happen.

You may give someone your 100%, but only returned with 10%, or even none. You may have put in your very best, but someone else with better luck took it away from you. Unfair as it is, this is life.

That is why. I’ve learnt to let go. I’ve learnt to say no. I choose whatever that makes me happy and I live for the moment. I don’t believe in mistakes or regrets. I only believe in lessons learnt and not trying hard enough. If one has never tasted failure, he / she can’t truly enjoy the flavours of success.

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