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Month: April 2012

Euphoric Europe: Day 7

The first time seeing snow, feeling snow, smelling snow, tasting snow in our whole damn lives. Continue reading

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Euphoric Europe: Day 6

Swtizerland’s mega fresh air and lots of panadols made me recover like a G6. Continue reading

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Euphoric Europe: Day 5

I was down with fever right smack in the middle of the trip. Luckily there wasn’t much sightseeing because we were stuck in a 8-hour coach ride from Paris to Switzerland. Continue reading

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Euphoric Europe: Day 4

Visited the Palace of Versailles in the morning followed by 7 hours of shopping. Continue reading

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Euphoric Europe: Day 3

The day where we saw the signatures of Paris – Effiel Tower, Mona Lisa and many more! Continue reading

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Euphoric Europe: Day 2

Just one night in London, and we were off to Paris. Not enough leiiiii D: Continue reading

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Euphoric Europe: Day 1

THIS TRIP IS A DREAM COME TRUE for me, but especially for mum. It was quite an impromptu decision made over a family breakfast as we were discussing about bro’s graduation trip and some say “end of the world.” All of us urged mum, “If you dowan go now, when you wanna go?” Europe has been my mum’s dream for decades but she kept saying that she can’t go because of us (kids), which is major roll eyes because I’m like, hello, 24?

So set. Mai tu liao. A family trip to Europe. Research work done, tickets choped, pocket burnt. Off we go! Continue reading

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U, US, and USS

I’m back from the holiday of my lifetime! Happy, yet sad that I’m back. Tired and broke, yet it was all worthwhile. Before I start my crazy longass entries on the trip, let me do a quick update on Loti’s birthday.

It was spent at USS (Universal Studios Singapore in case you are a mountain tortoise or not from Singapore) and it’s a place that Loti has been reserving to go with his future girlfriend (when he was single) until he met me whom had already been there so he sian half but I don’t mind going again so I brought him there on his birthday to fulfill his wish. Hahaha.

The Transformers ride was imba indeed! If it wasn’t for the waiting time I don’t mind spamming the ride man, like how I spammed the Battlestar Galactica ride almost 10 times during my my previous trip muahahaha.

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Hello from London!

Ohhh am geeeee I am currently blogging at London’s King’s Cross station ‘cos I didn’t had any time to blog before I flew off. I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE I’M IN EUROPE! It’s only the second day and I’ll be hopping over to Paris in a few hours’ time. Everything’s great so far. Love the London red buses and telephone booths. GTG! Train is coming! Be back in 10 days!

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