I’m back from the holiday of my lifetime! Happy, yet sad that I’m back. Tired and broke, yet it was all worthwhile. Before I start my crazy longass entries on the trip, let me do a quick update on Loti’s birthday.

It was spent at USS (Universal Studios Singapore in case you are a mountain tortoise or not from Singapore) and it’s a place that Loti has been reserving to go with his future girlfriend (when he was single) until he met me whom had already been there so he sian half but I don’t mind going again so I brought him there on his birthday to fulfill his wish. Hahaha.

The Transformers ride was imba indeed! If it wasn’t for the waiting time I don’t mind spamming the ride man, like how I spammed the Battlestar Galactica ride almost 10 times during my my previous trip muahahaha.

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