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I was turning out into Lavender street from a small road this evening, like this:

One CHAO ANG MOH was cycling on the first lane while I was turning into the second lane, and probably I rode a little fast so he thought I was going to bang into him and he screamed like a bitch. He went, “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH you fucking idiot AAAHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKK YOUUUUU.” I pointed a middle finger at him (my first time using that finger on road) and continued riding. Unfortunately, I couldn’t turn right in time and had to stop at the traffic light. This is where shit began.

That bloody CHAO ANG MOH, cycled up next to me and SMACKED MY ARM WITH HIS BACKHAND. He didn’t tap, HE SMACKED ME, HARD. WTF. Then he started yelling, “You fucker are you blind why didn’t you fucking look out for me you almost got me fucking killed you are gonna cause a fucking accident.” I went blank at the moment and just nodded my head while rolling my eyes, giving him the whatever face. The CHAO ANG MOH continued, “You don’t fucking nod your head blah blah blah,” and even added, “YOU FUCKING DICKHEAD!” while cycling off.

Everything happened within one traffic light stop, and me, being slow to react in shitty situations (as usual), rode off regretting why the fuck did I not get even with him. He was wrong in every way because:

  1. In the first place, why would the CHAO ANG MOH cycle on the first lane when he was heading straight? The extreme right lane is for fast moving vehicles or vehicles turning right only, and by vehicles I mean cars, motorcycles, lorries, buses, vans, NOT BICYCLES. Get his traffic rules right or he’ll get ramped over by some ah beng car sooner or later.
  2. 君子动口不动手. The CHAO ANG MOH fucking smacked me in public what the hell? A man loser of his size hitting a female of my size ARE YOU SERIOUS? The most ridiculous part is, I was way farrrrr from colliding into him please. And even if we really do get into an accident, he still has no reason to lay any fingers on me!
  3. I’m not a fucking dickhead. I’m a fucking pussy okay.

Whoa I really hate myself for not being able to respond fast enough. I should have just kicked the CHAO ANG MOH in his miniature balls or chase after him in my bike scaring him shitless or bring him to the police for personal assault or at least hurl him back with hokkien vulgarities. How can I be so weak and just rolled my eyes omg I wanna die. Every time when I think of how to retaliate, the moment has already passed, and all I can do is write this post to let off my steam.

CHAOCHEEBAI ANG MOH. Come to Asian countries to bully Asians you think you very big ah? Think your cock white colour all the girls lining up to suck ah cockanathan. Think your moh (hair) ang sek (red colour) you very superior ah kanina.

Disclaimer: There are nice ang mohs around too but this just happened to be one of the many CHAO ANG MOHS!


Guess what? Apparently that CHAO ANG MOH goes around terrorising the roads and got STOMPed by a female driver (fireearth88) a few days after my incident. He also hurled lotsa F words at her (sorry he dunno how to scold kanina chaocheebai) and even banged his helmeted dickhead on the side window of her car after being warned by a honk. LOLWTF crazy fella. Here’s the link to his shitface: Foreign cyclist swears at female driver, hits car with helmet after he got honked at. Thanks Felicia for the link!

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