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Home Alone

I’m currently staying at Loti’s house alone because his whole family went on a holiday (for two weeks!) and they have a fat cat to feed so I offered myself.

When I was single, I was quite keen on the idea of staying alone in the future. I don’t mind being #foreveralone if I have a nice house. But the hard truth is, this is only the fourth day and I’m getting a lil’ sick of it. Plus the cat isn’t helping. The cat has always been hostile to everybody except for Loti and his mum, and she hisses whenever I go near her. I was told that if I feed her, she wouldn’t do this to me, but sadly, NO. She hissed at me and even smacked me lightly this morning damnit. I shall starve her tmr morning and wait for her to succumb to me for food *evil laughs.

Anyways, here are some of my thoughts on living alone.

1. Boredom.

Luckily for me, I’ve recently gotten a contract job as a freelance designer for two months. That gives me something to do in the day but when I return home, I get quite lethargic and I don’t feel like doing anything. (I still have tons of photos from my Taiwan trip left untouched, plus my video for my Europe trip uncompleted with no motivation to carry on.) Having no human to talk to is killing me softly.

2. Freedom.

I can blast music, blast air-con, blast water, sleep naked (don’t imagine), throw a house party, bring random guys / girls home, smoke crack. I can, but I didn’t lah!

3. No more “too much rice” situations.

You can prepare and eat whatever you want. I love making breakfasts for myself in the morning, with the queer stares from a bitchy cat behind.

4. Location is extremely important.

Must have food to eat, groceries to buy, things to do, and no creepy neighbours in the vicinity. Loti’s place has them all and thank goodness it’s near my workplace too! (Even nearer than my own house lor.) There’s also a swimming complex just a few blocks away and I can walk down to swim and return home to bathe as if I stay in a condo except that I have to pay and the pool is not that nice la. The weather was finally friendly this morning and I did twenty laps in forty minutes. I think my timing is still quite okay considering that my last swim was like seven months ago on one of me and Loti’s dates before we officially got together. And that was the first time I didn’t complete my usual twenty laps ‘cos half the time we were staring at each other in swimwear (JUST KIDDING) Loti is plain lazy and dragged me into the water with him.

5. Constant fear for insects.

I keep looking out for creepy crawlies and I think I’ll go berserk if I see one. Let’s pray that I don’t come eye-to-eye with a roach for the remaining ten days.


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