This video pretty much says it all. I’m surprised I managed to fit 10 days worth of travel videos into 8 minutes (even shorter than my 5-day Krabi trip video).

Anyhows, all in all, Europe 2012 was really a trip of a lifetime for my whole family. It was the best 10 days and the best (almost) $20K spent – having tremendous amount of family bonding, experiencing different cultures, being in awe every moment, overdosing on breads cheese hams and eggs, drinking expensive water, peeing in paid toilets, etc.

Gotta give it to the itinerary and service by Hong Thai travel. They really did a splendid job and for once, I actually enjoyed a package tour and I LOVE the fact that there wasn’t any visitation to those “tok tourists shops.” For those who are interested, the package we took was 12D Romantic Europe, but do note that 2 days are spent on flying so technically speaking, there is only 10 days of tour.

Regarding the safety issues and many terrifying Europe crime stories that we’ve heard, I guess personal alertness is the most important. Prolly joining a package tour also halved the risk, but it still boils down to individuals. If you are blur and flashy all the time, then serves you right if you are robbed / pickpocketed / kidnapped.

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