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Month: July 2012

Red Blue Green Yellow

A fun cheery “photo shoot” by Loti to build his portfolio. Big thanks to my three steady pom pi pi friends (Ash, Sil, and Flor) for waking up early on a Saturday morning, picking up leaves, climbing a tree, and not complaining despite the hot sun. Of course, Loti also did a good job by keeping his cool despite having a shitty day. Luckily photos didn’t turn up shit.

LOL, the act lian, ah lian, real lian, and UNCLE.

Eveyone’s favourite shot!

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And Loti Said..

“No matter how busy I am, when it comes to breakfast or you, there’ll always be time.”


Though the weekend that just past wasn’t a smooth one for us, I’m glad that we still haven’t gotten sick of each other and are meeting for movie tonight despite the small bickers. I hope nothing screws up our plans again *crosses fingers!

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Life in Circles

Weekly dose of Papa Palheta’s coffee (I know I’ve already given it enough attention on all sorts of social media platforms but I’m just gonna do it here again); duck pizza and one year plus worth of catching up with the ex-AIGians, now renamed to the ex-Chartisians; having traditional and modernised kaya loti with Loti; banana phone!

Love for Back Alleys and Bikes

Went for a ride on the very first day my bro got his bike. It was kinda awesome, but what’s even more awesome was that my bro’s friend took each of us on a 180km/h spin on his beast. It was insane. I grabbed on to his shoulders with my life, ‘cos at some point of time my butt was already lifted off the seat. If I let go I’ll fly, literally. Hahaha but it was fun – too fun and exciting that it makes USS’ Battlestar Galactica look bad. I’m such an adrenaline junkie.

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Wo Hen Ai Tai Mei!

Hahaha I know this video on my Taiwan trip is like super backdated, but I finally found time to do it. Took me days and nights but it’s all worth it :’) Wouldn’t have been possible without my spontaneous girlfriends and Ashley the assistant camerawoman cum clown. Big wet kisses to them :*

From the Same Trip

Taipei 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 + Hualien 5 / 6 + Taichung 7 + Taipei 8 + Video

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My Swim Gear

Just what would I do without these man? I’m in love with swimming, I really am. Apart from the fact that it’s cardio, it makes me feel liberated whenever I’m in the deed. It calms my soul, gives me time to think, and is a cheap and healthy activity to do with or without company. I also felt an improvement in my overall well-being and stamina. My highest record so far was 54 laps last Tuesday (34 before work and 20 after work) lol insane or what! Though I’m slow compared to my peers with a not too accurate swimming technique, I still enjoy doing it. Damn, I must have really been a terrapin my previous life.

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