Words of wisdom from Celeste’s friend.

The real test of loyalty for a woman is when her man has nothing. The real test of loyalty for a man is when he has everything.

I think this especially true for couples of similar age who start young. (Sounds like the past and present me hahaha.) Loyal guys with cheating girlfriends, NO PROBLO! You can always ditch that bitch and find someone better when you get older wiser and wealthier.

But girls who swear loyalty are always on the losing end. Imagine you wait for your BOY to go through NS (two years), study uni (three years), find job climb corporate ladder be stable be a man (three years), get married have 二人世界 (two years), have kids and raise them (for say another two years), then poof! He goes out to get a mistress. Congratulations, you just wasted over a decade of youth waiting for a guy who just wants to fuck someone more youthful. You are now old with kids and an expanded waistline – you no longer have market value. While the guy on the other hand, even if he has a tummy and no hair, the moment he fishes out the money, materialistic young sluts will still flock their way over.

Unfair society. That’s why to overcome this, you can:

  1. Pick someone older and more established right from the start (so you feel less wasteful even if he cheats and you might still have the youth to find someone else).
  2. Eat 长生不老药.
  3. Don’t have kids, have great sex.
  4. Have kids but be a hot mum, and have great sex.
  5. Be financially capable.
  6. Lock up his salary and give him pocket money.
  7. Hire a chauffeur to fetch him to work and bring him home everyday.
  8. Hire a PI to stalk him / stalk him yourself / plant tracking device.
  9. Use his money to find a hot young thing too.
  10. Just marry a dog. Ever loyal.
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